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  ihasbrains  |  10

73 - Ponies only go up to a certain amount of hands before they are considered a horse. Therefore, a pony can never be larger than a horse. But I know a few people keep miniature ponies for pets inside the house. But actual ponies are clever assholes >.> they're evil, I'm telling you.

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

I remember waking up once in a living room full of fire extinguishers and traffic cones. While technically clues, these only narrowed down my line of inquiries slightly.

  Ins0mau  |  20


I thought they'd stay there now that they've been kicked out!

What is it with people feeling the need to state the obvious in FML comments?

  allard  |  14

What's with the need for people to put each other down on FML?

If that's what the person who writes the comment wants to do, what makes it your right to put them down?

Thank you, commenter above, for informing me that the OP needs to house hunt, and screw you, the person who felt the need to put them down.

  Pusherman10  |  1

Holy shit I love the Internet it's a place where complete nerd virgins who probably live in their parents basement try to act all tough!!! Makes me laugh!!!