By thefrightening1 - 05/09/2011 15:03 - United Kingdom

Today, I'm getting kicked out of my flat because my drunk friends stole a pony and left it tied outside. FML
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oklahomaguy 0

Your landlord is probably mad because he's not hung like that pony.

Matias_Says_FML 4

Yay for the pony!


Matias_Says_FML 4

Yay for the pony!

Ride it to narnia

Turn it to glue

Ride it to ur friends house and leave it there

My little pony. Apocalypse Ponies. Death Pony! "Aw, that little pony can't hear." "No mom. I think he said..." Blaaaaaaa!!!

But at least you have a pony!:D

yeah OP's friends are awesome :D.

At least it wasn't a tiger.

13FTW 9

Did you get to keep it? :D

Too bad it waesnt a unicorn....

GraveRobber14 13

I don't know about everyone else but I want friends like OPs

Ponies are awesome!

AsianCookie247 14


14 - Welcome to the Battle of Waterloo Part 2!

At least it wasn't a Liger...

yeseniaaa 2

Pictures or it didn't happen.

^ atleast it wasnt quagmire ...looking like he's got a lamp post stuck up his ass...

Octavia2253 0

Ponies are cool as ****!

*sings* What do Tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze?

swgmimi12 3


Rebecca Black sucks.

NotAPedo 0

How does this suck? Dude has a pony! The fact that it's stolen makes it more badass! ... I always wanted to ride one...

StopDropNRoll 11

^ seriously that makes for a really awesome drunk story! Non of my friends would steal a pony while drunk :(

Hangover 3 anyone?

XenaWP 6

That's handy! Just ride the pony away with your swag on the back.

Sniper_Fidelis 1

At least she has eyebrows!

Glitterhinoceros 14

What a dick, who doesn't love ponies?!

GaryMuzz 4

British for apartment , I believe, not positive though.

ugh replied in the wrong place. stupid i phone ill gladly thumb this down myself.

morganrules123 10

Exactly! I'd rather be apartment hunting than ponyless.

They might not have stables and room for the pony to run around graze

Glitterhinoceros 14

Yeah, but ponies are smaller than horses, so it could run around the apartment eating potted plants!

ReynshineCutting 10

Not all ponies are smaller than horses...

Umm, yes they are. That's why they're called ponies.

Actually all ponies aren't really small, it depends on the kind of pony

kill his mother.

73 - Ponies only go up to a certain amount of hands before they are considered a horse. Therefore, a pony can never be larger than a horse. But I know a few people keep miniature ponies for pets inside the house. But actual ponies are clever assholes >.> they're evil, I'm telling you.

Mipz 2

One smart person.

Mipz 2

Yeah...those darned pony thefts...

BehindU 5

Ponies have feelings too.

Offer the pony to the landlord. Everyone likes ponies, he'll be sure to let you stay.

What asses ;)

Yeah that was my Ponyta, it was stolen from me. They must be Team Rocket.

Wow. You have great friends. :/

Well they did give him his Christmas wish

oklahomaguy 0

Your landlord is probably mad because he's not hung like that pony.

flamerocker 9

What happened last night?

I remember waking up once in a living room full of fire extinguishers and traffic cones. While technically clues, these only narrowed down my line of inquiries slightly.

cherrie0103 6

lol where did they even get the pony!?!?

Sunny_Eclipse 6

From MY magical farm. I was wondering where Rainbow Dash went!

As long as Fluttershy is safe ._.

They said Pony, not Pegasus so Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are both safe thank Celistia.

109- Yes, but what about Pinkie Pie! She could be in trouble!

AxelWolfen 6

damn it pinkie, i told you it was a bad idea to break the fourth wall! now look where its gotten you!

FMLandurstoo 9

Sounds like something my mates would do. Except I'd wake up in a bikini

better find another place to stay!

Ins0mau 20

Really?!? I thought they'd stay there now that they've been kicked out! What is it with people feeling the need to state the obvious in FML comments?

What's with the need for people to put each other down on FML? If that's what the person who writes the comment wants to do, what makes it your right to put them down? Thank you, commenter above, for informing me that the OP needs to house hunt, and screw you, the person who felt the need to put them down.

And screw the person above me for putting down the person who is putting people down!

drawmesunshine 17

And thank you, person above me, for pointing out the irony of the person putting down the person for putting down the other person and making me laugh!

Pusherman10 1

Holy shit I love the Internet it's a place where complete nerd virgins who probably live in their parents basement try to act all tough!!! Makes me laugh!!!

I live in the attic. Get it right.