By bellaskyeb - 08/01/2012 17:42 - United States

Today, I had to bail my drunk husband out of jail after he and his best friend tried to steal a police horse from an officer. FML
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They are confused because it didn't have a siren.


Sounds like it should be on family guy

SecretMe00 5

A police horse? And this occurred in the U.S..? That's strange. Maybe I just don't get out enough. I figured the cops just had police vehicles.

How funny!!! But embarrassing at the same time...

bamagrl410 31

20 - my town has a bunch. They patrol the town center and mall areas where people are out & about. They exist, don't worry lol

I was going to ask if they succeeded... Then I realized how stupid that would've been...

I hate how they get away with littering, everyone just accepts horse crap, but anything else and it's practically jail time. Talk about double standards!

Bet 106 has been sitting on FML hoping that someday an FML that has something to do with a horse pops up so he can post that.

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10- you should copyright that before... Well let's just say before someone borrows it...

Jeathrow 2

They have horses all over New York (secretme)

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They are confused because it didn't have a siren.

New rule: if he's drunk, lock him in the basement and give him some nyquil

"Please honey, I wasn't THAT drunk!" - Husband

I'm not drinking and driving officer. I'm driving and drinkin!

One tequila, two tequila, three tokillya, floor!

Speaking of drunkenness. I've always wanted to: 1. Notice a cop car 2. Swerve slightly on the road back and forth 3. Get pulled over 4. Take a sobriety test 5. Utterly fail it while falling all over the place and slurring words 6. Take breathalyzer and have it show 0.00 7. Hopefully drive away scot-free and leave cop really, really confused

jaredjudd21 2

I'm not drinking ociffer I prom... (hits floor)

Blackmail111 9

I will not get drunk I will not get druuunk I will not git drukkk I will nawt gi drunka I well nt gdrun I wrrsbulf I BLAAAARGH *falls of chair and passes out in vomit*

GoodLookingGeese 10

125- I've actually tried this and believe me - it's not worth it. The next step is: * they call other cop colleagues thinking their meter is broke * another tests go 0,00 but they still try more * then the cops think your on drugs * take you to the police station on a not comfortable back seat of their car * do multiple blood tests * send you back after wasting your 2-2,5h * you have to get back to your car by yourself * no one believes police wasted 3,5h of your life

125- Been there done that (except I tripped during the test but the cop's grunt let me know he thought I was drunk) took a breathalyzer test and it came up 0.00 and he just let me go.

bamagrl410 31

I would so do that, however I feel like cops where I live would then find SOMETHING to give me a ticket for. Reckless driving probably.

insanelyXnikki 18

No, Mr. Alcohol, I haven't had any officers.

Wow. All I can really say is wow. Hope he learned his lesson.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Actually a horse is the easiest thing to steal because there are no alarms, locks, or trackers, but I'm pretty sure they're going to realize it's not the best thing to escape with once they have it.

silentblack 0

That is funny. Was the horse named buttercup? Lol

niswisk 3

Ur awsome just for that question alone! Poor buttercup lol

If I had a horse... I'd name it General Chuck McShniederhoffmansteinsington just to hear it announced over the loud-speakers at a derby someday.

Your husband and company sound like a hoot! Hopefully these types of things don't happen often? :/

This is funny, but I suggest that you request your husband stay home and have his buddies come over if they're going to be drinking. At least that way you can keep an eye on him.

How would he even be able to accomplish that!?!

Obviously he didn't accomplish anything if she was bailing him out of jail.

He could have been all ninja and leap from a building and push the officer off... Just a suggestion lol.

Hidden blades? Noob, my hookblade can destroy your hidden blades any time of the week.

Good story to say to his kids maybe, but a retarded thing overall

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

"..and thats how I got the first charge on my criminal record."

"Thas also how I met your mother!"

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33- Wow dude. Join ruin the whole show for me.

haha nice xD. his children will b so proud

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lol that is just great haha

Get him a horse for his birthday so he won't need to steal anymore.