By brookenicolee29 - 26/01/2014 22:06 - United States - Clinton

Today, I was reading FML's birthday blog post and saw a picture of myself in it. I would've been happy if it wasn't #4 in the list of worst duckfaces of the week. FML
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brookenicolee29 tells us more.

I changed my picture because o it(: And it was more of a kissy face.. Haha

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Sounds like you're a bit of a quack for thinking making a duck face was smart! one? Damn..


Is the FML that you weren't Duckface #1? Well, take care, OP... and smile next time. :-)

Are the FML staff afraid of criticism or is it just me who can't up or downvote?

I wish you guys would let us thumb your posts.

Sounds like you're a bit of a quack for thinking making a duck face was smart! one? Damn..

I brought bread. Where can I feed OP?

michaelaranda 28

Oh come on. duckfaces aren't that bad. Sure, a smile is almost always better, but still, not that bad and unatractive. And op, you look kind of cute.

Oh suck up! SUCK UP! Shut up and stop being mad that we're Stalin on you *insert pic of Soviet flag*. In Soviet Russia, President assassinates you!

I drank a ton of sake...I apologize for my inner comrade

wellthen7154 12

I know right? As a girl myself, I don't understand it. Sorry everyone, you will never be as cute as a baby duck.

I had to sign in just to point out all "duck face" is supposed to be a "kissy face" It's just ugly, as ****.

No, they can be cute if not overdone. g they're usually overdone but that's not too say it's impossible for them to be cute.

#51 Says the guy with a douchy profile picture himself.

I'd rather kiss a duck's face than a duck face.


Well OP's duckface actually looked pretty cute

A smile is always far better than a duck face. So YDI.

I just thought you were high when I saw that list. It honestly looked like a couple of those "duck faces" were high faces.

All duckfaces are the worst duckfaces of the week.

I don't understand everyone's infatuation with the "duck face" be it making one or making fun of someone for making one. Why is it that so much attention has been given to girls who are simply sticking their lips out?? Why? WHY?? It's so stupid. I can't wait for this dumbass fad to be over so I can stop hearing about it.

Shrouds 14

I just had to look that up. Number 5 got cheated imo.

I thought #5 should be #1 by far, none of them were as bad as #5.


olpally 32

At least you got your FML published. :) haha. Change your pic then.

See, much prettier with a natural smile! At least you learned a lesson about doing the duck face. =)

Ash to ash Duck* to duck* Fade to black... But "THE MEMORY REMAINS"

Aligator67 12

Duck faces are not cute. As a grl, I still will never understand why girls do it. It makes people look like they are begging for attention... but anyway, here's a tip: Might just want to smile next time.

Hey, you still got to beat a bunch of other duckfaces, AND you were on the FML blog. I guess you can consider that a win.

They should do a "Faces of FML" blog. That'd be hilarious!

You'll make number one someday! Keep up the exaggerated puckering!

On a scale of 1 to Invade Russia in the Winter, that is a very bad idea

Smiles are so much cuter than duck faces.