By Anonymous - 05/09/2011 14:55 - United States

Today, my GPS told me that I'd reached my destination. In the middle of the highway. FML
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GaryMuzz 4

Maybe it was under the overpass o.O

Mipz 2

You got it at WalMart, didn't you?


GaryMuzz 4

Maybe it was under the overpass o.O

Hahahahaha I'm reading this on the app and at the bottom of my screen there was an ad for a gps app for the iPhone ;)

Maybe it was telling you to go play in traffic

morganrules123 10
robnunzi12 2

I'm not even joking I saw this person yesterday in MA dead stopped in the middle no one around them on the other side of ge highway...

could be that the GPS wasn't calibrated correctly. If it's a built in GPS for a car it uses magnets to work. If they come loose then the GPS will be inaccurate. That's what happens on my car from time to time. You get a bit tired of it trying to take you through fields when that happens :L.

This is normal if you're playing CoD. You must be playing on Underpass. Plant the bomb!

its still better than getting directions from a woman

BrianAlarcon 0
bryannab1 0

Ya. My dad once ended up in an army base and they were not happy!

fakeaccountX 6

Why were you searching for roadkill?

nathanson1 5

gps these days...suh stupid robots

nathanson1 5

I'm on my iPod too. Do you have any idea how many times I had to press the x on the autocorrect just to post that?

muchagente 5

ydi for being on an ipod. but i like the swearing.

nathanson1 5

Omg tell that to people who care!

eminemchick 19

Whoa. Wait. I want a suh, too. Are they available on ebay or in local retail services?

31 - You can only order it through the phone by dialing 1-888-SUH-4LES for a low price of $19.99! That's not all, if you call within the next 10 minutes, you can get DOUBLE the offer for price of one! That's 2 Suh's for $19.99! Shipping and Handling not included. That's 1-888-SUH-4LES. Special conditions may apply.

If you're on your iPod, shouldn't the beginning start with a capital? :3

zacharytk72 5
NotAPedo 0

Maybe a new destination? (I prefer local daycares)

cIickhere 5

Make sure your new one is not made in china

cherrie0103 6
GlitteryMasakali 1

It seems your GPS is not exactly accurate.

BehindU 5

It seems your GPS has a little grudge against you and is tryin to eliminate you.

Matias_Says_FML 4

Proceed to falling out of the highway to reach the actual destination.

Mipz 2

You got it at WalMart, didn't you?

Walmart is to mainstream. I go to target.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Really? 'Cause I like to hop into K-mart. Their stuff is high-quality, bro.

Sunny_Eclipse 6

What do you have against hipsters? Huh?

GPS: Make left at next right. "That doesn't even make any sense!"

Glitterhinoceros 14

Throw it out the window and tell it that it's reached it's destination

flamerocker 9

At least it didn't tell you to go off a cliff like mine did... Twice.

Yeah? Well did your gps threaten to strap 20 bombs on school buses if you didn't marry it? I think not.