By missmirror - 02/05/2011 23:00 - United Kingdom

Today, my parents woke me up by pouring a glass of freezing cold water over my head. Their reason? They were 'bored'. FML
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hope you let them know paybacks a bitch!


it could've been boiling water... get over it

You coulda woke up on the roof of Ceasers Palace with no way down and no means of communication

fun parents are awesome. now, pour flour in your moms hairdryer and some itching powder in your dads shoes and enjoy the show. :)

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I find this a reasonable solution...

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At least they only did it once. Mine got me with a squirt bottle every morning for over a month when I was still in school & they wouldn't stop until I got up. Sally *squirt* Sally *squirt* SALLY *squirt* Aggravating as hell. haha

Yes, you could've awoke underwater wearing cement shoes.

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haha, lock your door next time.

Not everyone has a lock on their door. Just sayin.

For safety reasons, it's not always the best thing to do to lock doors either.

yeah. I wasn't allowed to lock my door (only at night) when I was growing up. what if there's a fire?

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I wasn't either! Never understood their reasoning for it but all in all it never hurt(:

me n'either my dad use to say " I need to check on you before I sleep" I guest parent just like checking on there children!

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lol. well im allowed to lock my door.

104, that's the other problem. The locks can almost always be opened from the outside, unless it's one of those DIY latch ones drilled to the inside of the door.

They wanted to see your nipples go hard. FYL indeed.

FMLs like these make me reconsider not having kids. Then I come to my senses and realize aunts can be devilishly awesome too.

Why are people voting this person down? No sense of humor...

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Haha, more like don't your parents love YOU?!