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  sprite123  |  0

ok #31, if something like that did happen, they wouldnt be posting their story telling everyone. and if they are really young they shouldnt be on FML anyway

  christi002  |  0

yeah, but honestly, kids are doing a lot of things they shouldn't be. So, yes, a child could very possibly have an account on here. And just because they didn't post this huge traumatic story doesn't mean it didn't happen. It could have very well happened and this person could still be feeling insecure about sleeping with their mom when they don't have reason to be.

  Naveh  |  0

#186 Wow, how mature. Some people have had terrible things happen to them, and then they have a certain fear of that kind of thing: like the dark. Now, this may not have happened, but you're just being an ass for that. It's okay to have a phobia of the dark, even when you're older.

  loski87  |  4


...and I used to sleep with my mom sometimes even in highschool. grant it it wasn't every night but sometimes we would watch movies and I'd fall asleep In her bed

  apfunction  |  0

#32: speak for yourself you fucking retard, you had to be on a computer to post that in the first place. so shut the fuck up you pathetic peice of writhing shit!!! god damn it I hope your whole fucking family dies and your fucking dick rots off!!!


Okay everyone #133 does not represent all Americans; we are not all unintelligible raving morons. Some of us have class. #133 is the type that would start a fight at McDonalds if they were out of chicken nuggets. Ugh. Some people are so embarassing.

  UberFail79  |  0

Nor have I. Stop thinking of us as fat, incompetent slobs. Seriously, I would rather be a stereotypical retired Marine or a stereotypical Southern lawman i than a stereotypical American. All three of these stereotypes annoy the hell out of me, but the first is obviously he worst for me.


agree with #96
I am in highschool and upuntill a year or 2 ago my sister and I still slept with my mom sometimes, especially if my dad was away.
I still will sometimes fall asleep in there while watching tv with my mom.

  imzdrummer  |  0

32, not all of us are fat. a lot of people are fat cuz they eat when they're sad and get made fun of when thyre fat. just cuz there aren't a lot of fat people in your country doesn't mean you gotta bitch at americans

  rachel7482  |  0

u should all know that people put fake ages on this sight!!! i still sleep with a night light but that's because I busted my head open one night whall trying to get to my bathroom