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Today, I had to clean out my room because I was having a sleepover. Only, I've not been in here for months since I've spent every night in my mom's room because I'm too scared to sleep alone. FML
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I do not understand why you would have the urge to announce something like this to the world.


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dude really? how old are you?

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wow. are you like five or something?

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how old are you? you gotta tell us, thanks for ruining the joke everybody clap it up for the OP who didn't mention their age

So you've been getting some daily for months? FML how?

ok #31, if something like that did happen, they wouldnt be posting their story telling everyone. and if they are really young they shouldnt be on FML anyway

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yeah, but honestly, kids are doing a lot of things they shouldn't be. So, yes, a child could very possibly have an account on here. And just because they didn't post this huge traumatic story doesn't mean it didn't happen. It could have very well happened and this person could still be feeling insecure about sleeping with their mom when they don't have reason to be.

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since when do five year olds clean out there own room? I bet he is about 10 or 11 years

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is someone afraid of the dark or the boogeyman go sleep with ur mommy u little 4year old and everything will be ok

#186 Wow, how mature. Some people have had terrible things happen to them, and then they have a certain fear of that kind of thing: like the dark. Now, this may not have happened, but you're just being an ass for that. It's okay to have a phobia of the dark, even when you're older.

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186 you wannabe hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah little girl.

189- Yeah.... I've been scared to sleep alone for awhile because I have sleep paralysis and In afraid I'm gonna die because I can't wake up or move....

Yeah really seriously, how old are you?

Yeah yeah, really REALLY seriously, how old are you!!!11

Yeah yeah yeah REALLY REALLY how old are you?

He is old enough to post an FML and this is therefore PATHETIC

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah really REALLY REALLY seriously seriously, how old are you?

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wow, all of you think youre so funny cracking jokes on the Internet, probably fat Americans. go outside and excersize! put the big mac Down!

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OP is a she dude, but if you're over 10 and still in your parents bed you need to call a therapist... I'm serious

tweetbaby14 18

what's with the haters dissing America?!? it's really dumb

@ 32: Im American, 5'9", 125lbs( 50kg i think) and have never eaten a big mac. Next time only make fat American jokes if they're related to the FML

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#32 you suk stupid mother ******* brit

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You need to grow up OP and I'm being super cereal.

really really REALLY important how old you are?!

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I agree with 59. I create my first combo and it gets destroyed quickly.

so sad what people do these days...

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Al Gore FTW #52 :) OP. I share a bed with my kid also. but she's 2. so wait, yes, you should feel pretty lame right now.

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^ WTF ...and I used to sleep with my mom sometimes even in highschool. grant it it wasn't every night but sometimes we would watch movies and I'd fall asleep In her bed

I agree with 56. tacos are an important topic

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#32 stop dissing Americans on FML, this is the second time i've seen you randomly make fun of Americans. Idiot.

#32: speak for yourself you ******* retard, you had to be on a computer to post that in the first place. so shut the **** up you pathetic peice of writhing shit!!! god damn it I hope your whole ******* family dies and your ******* dick rots off!!!

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133 was a bit extreme, but I pretty much agree with the general idea.

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32 how about you shut the **** up and go back to whatever shitty country you come from asshole

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@32 why don't you just go die? seriously I've seen you post the same shit all over here. so just curl up in a corner and die cause no one will care

harsh? I'm not even American and I thought # 32's comment was mean. but the way you Americans respond isn't that nice either. oh and BTW CANADA FTW!!1!1!!

#41, why do you assume he's British? Most countries actually hate Americans. BTW, I'm not British

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Okay everyone #133 does not represent all Americans; we are not all unintelligible raving morons. Some of us have class. #133 is the type that would start a fight at McDonalds if they were out of chicken nuggets. Ugh. Some people are so embarassing.

Nor have I. Stop thinking of us as fat, incompetent slobs. Seriously, I would rather be a stereotypical retired Marine or a stereotypical Southern lawman i than a stereotypical American. All three of these stereotypes annoy the hell out of me, but the first is obviously he worst for me.

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#32 medal count bitch. I say your country is fat. USA! USA! USA! USA!

agree with #96 I am in highschool and upuntill a year or 2 ago my sister and I still slept with my mom sometimes, especially if my dad was away. I still will sometimes fall asleep in there while watching tv with my mom.

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159 Canada has the most gold medals which makes your country fatass losers who can't even throw a puck past a flaming tard into a goal.

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@152 LMAO fat angry guy going on a rampage b/c he's been waiting 30 minutes for his damn mcnuggets "grrrrrrrr nuggets! MAHR!"

32, not all of us are fat. a lot of people are fat cuz they eat when they're sad and get made fun of when thyre fat. just cuz there aren't a lot of fat people in your country doesn't mean you gotta bitch at americans

32 Get a life and stop telling other people what to do with there's **** off.

cuz america's retarded lol. I know that and I live here.

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173 no one cares about your little ice skating medals. either shut the **** up or grow a pair

192- Your just jealous of the fact that Canada is also the safest country in the world.

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Many mental conditions, such as anxiety, can cause uncontrolled paranoia at night. This says nothing about OP as a person.

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what's with u and butsecs?

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add some cowboy hats and you have an academy and Oscar award winning cowboy gay ****!

purplemnm 9

you aren't funny either bitch

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183 I agree wait that rhymes

umm.. okay? what's the fml here, that you're a baby?

I do not understand why you would have the urge to announce something like this to the world.

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Did you have a bad dream or something?

I wish this would have ended in, " Im (age). FML."

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u should all know that people put fake ages on this sight!!! i still sleep with a night light but that's because I busted my head open one night whall trying to get to my bathroom

How you not haven't been IN your bedroom for month- did you move everything out of there too?