By maddy - 28/02/2010 17:10 - United States

Today, I had pancakes for breakfast, and without realizing it, I got syrup in my hair. After breakfast, I went to straighten my hair, only to burn the syrup and have it get stuck in my hair. There was no time to shower and it smelled. FML
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musicalibrary 4

Try your best not to attract ants.

Tamara2011 0

Hey that's a good way to attract guy ;) they know that you should taste good in the future.... lol


musicalibrary 4

Try your best not to attract ants.

killerviral 0

wait so you have no time to shower but u have enough time to get on your computer and post this fml **** you and ur lies

twirlingqueen4u 0

Wow smart one dumbass lol cut that part off

Let the special kids lick your hair clean.

@killerviral he/she obviously posted at a diff time?

or just wash that part off in some water. not too hard to do

Then why use present tense? Duh. Learn english.

Then why use present tense? Duh. Learn english.

You really don't have time to rinse the syrupy part off in the sink and re-style that one section?

messinax33 0

yeah, really, you can't shower bit you can post this ?

At least it was only syrup ... darn dirty mind... leave me alone...

talkalot_360 1

#14 she probabky posted this l8er in the day

@SuicideDinosaur..youu aree superr cuutee(;

iCanMakeYoBEDROC_fml 0

maybe she posted this AFTER she got back. dumbass.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

Exactly, posting on this takes a good 5 minutes, you could have taken a shower. And if you actually did write this after the event, you should have said "there wasn't".


All I CAN SAY in the hell did you syrup on your hair!?!?


I. mean how did u get syrup in your hair excuse me sorry I missed that word lol

honestlove11 0

yeah 5 minutes to SHOWER.. oh gee I guess she will skip getting dressed and re-putting make up on? hmm.. I'm seeing a bit more time than 5 minutes needed, smart one.

tweetbaby14 18

how do you get syrup in your hair of all places? were you holding the bottle over your head, leaning over your plate, or did you just do it on purpose because you wanted attention?

The Grammar Nazis have a message for you: "Spell out your words. We know where you live." Huh. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now, buddy,

kaleid0scopeEyes 0

Don't worry, the grammar nazi's never leave their dimly lit computer rooms; the real world scares them. You are safe.

o0XMzMayX0o 0

really? that's going to ruin ur life?? I'm a girl and that has happens and I van usually fix it with hair products and perfume.

izziieB 0

she couldve posted it later in the day bit as if she was saying it earlier. And posting an FML doesn't exactly take very long.

I wanted to say that. fml for making me read this

You're probably going to have to cut it out anyway.

Smiz 0

how the hell did you get syrup in your hair?

ouch that must hurt :( STICKY BLACK STUFF :O

killerviral 0

so you have the time to post this fml but you can't take a shower **** u and ur lies

Plasmolyze 0

pancakes with jam is better :D

ravensunnyd 0

I like mine whith peanut butter or chocolat chips if I don't have syrup

honestlove11 0

uhhmm for one, she JUST straightened her hair, also shower= 10-20 mins to wash/get out/dressed/REdo hair. since when does posting an fml take that long? so yeah. she DID have time to post instead of shower. shut it.

nomnommonster 0

mmm, sounds lip-smacking good.

denbeste 3

The most erotic smell for men in general would be vanilla.

TrinityisLife 22

Actually according to manswers it's pumpkin pie.

Tamara2011 0

Hey that's a good way to attract guy ;) they know that you should taste good in the future.... lol

Are you serious, #36 or are you bein ironic? makes perfect sense, she just doesnt have an "a" between attract and guy. obviously you dont read that well if you didnt pick that up and thought it wasnt her first language.....

jimshrimp 0

wow are u 5??? learn to eat decent