By maddy / Sunday 28 February 2010 17:10 / United States
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  Tahsis  |  4

Exactly, posting on this takes a good 5 minutes, you could have taken a shower. And if you actually did write this after the event, you should have said "there wasn't".

  honestlove11  |  0

yeah 5 minutes to SHOWER.. oh gee I guess she will skip getting dressed and re-putting make up on? hmm.. I'm seeing a bit more time than 5 minutes needed, smart one.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

how do you get syrup in your hair of all places? were you holding the bottle over your head, leaning over your plate, or did you just do it on purpose because you wanted attention?

  honestlove11  |  0

uhhmm for one, she JUST straightened her hair, also shower= 10-20 mins to wash/get out/dressed/REdo hair. since when does posting an fml take that long? so yeah. she DID have time to post instead of shower. shut it.

  swimchic007  |  0

no...it makes perfect sense, she just doesnt have an "a" between attract and guy.
obviously you dont read that well if you didnt pick that up and thought it wasnt her first language.....