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Quiet please

  Today, my boyfriend finally moved out from his parents' house to his friend's flat. Excited that I wouldn't have to be so silent when we had sex anymore, I went over to spend the night. His bedroom is right next to his friend's 4-year-old daughter's room. FML
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By  Enkeria  |  30

I try to be as quiet as possible when it's at someone else's place because you never know what to expect. If it's at my house, I'm still quiet, unless the kids are at school, because I don't want to scar my kids.

  doemetoch  |  28

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  redscarf_fml  |  8

I agree with #3. I've, unfortunately, heard my parents have sex a few times before, and while it's a little weird and uncomfortable, I wasn't scarred. I understand (more now than I did then) that it's something everyone does and I shouldn't be weirded out over it n

  Enkeria  |  30

#37, I can handle it seeing as I'm not living with them anymore and with my husband. My daughter is a teenager and my son is only 4. We're trying to teach our daughter some morals because she likes to get into trouble with a couple of boys at school so when my husband and I do have sex, it's either while the kids are both at school, or when my son is home from preschool and taking a nap.

By  pratru  |  1

Well in all honesty, if your boyfriend is unable to get a place of his own, you just ought to find someone better. Or at least someone who can live together with his or her parents in harmony ...

  doemetoch  |  28

So many people live together with friends when they're young, it's fun and a good way to save some money. I don't see why that would be a reason to break up a relationship.


What? Because he has a roommate or lives with his parents, she should break up with him? That's just ridiculous. Not everyone can afford to live by themselves, the real world is expensive, especially if they're young and just starting out in life.
If they're a good person, responsible and treat you right, who cares about their living arrangements. My boyfriend rents with his older sister, l live with my parents. He's 22, I'm 20, between rent, living expenses and university it's too expensive to do anything else, but we're not going to leave each other over this, and it doesn't make us bad, irresponsible people either.

  HylianBadger  |  21

Just because a person can't get along with their parents doesn't automatically mean it's the kid's fault. My husband and I had to take in a friend a few months ago because her parents are a couple of shitbags. Her dad couldn't hold a job for more than three months and her mom refused to work. They relied on my friend's measly mimimum wage Dunkin' Donuts paychecks as their primary source of income. Not only would they take a majority of her checks to put towards bills, but if they were still running low on money, they'd take any possessions from her room when she was gone and pawn them. And they were always in trouble with cops, be it traffic tickets, jailed for drug possession, you name it. Her checks would be used for that, too. And they had a shitty vehicle that was in the shop every other week for something. Guess who paid for that? When we took her in, she managed to save up enough money within a few months to not only rent a place of her own, but bought herself a more reliable car, too. She could have saved up sooner, but she insisted on paying us back for helping her. So she'd give us some money to put toward rent, and would refuse if we offered to buy something for her. But I guess in your opinion she deserves all of that shit she went through, just because she could no longer stand her parents' tyranical ways.

By  chisty87  |  16

Well since you already spend nights with your boyfriend while he was living with his parents now with his friend why don't you two just move in together than you can be loud as you want...