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  Dramori  |  29

#6 - if someone tries to burn you it's perfectly acceptable to burn them back with a comment that doesn't have to be true. Besides, it was definitely a bitchy comment and would deserve it.

  Bearsmomma  |  30

Water? What's that gonna do? Raw egg whites will stop the burn/blistering and the pain. Only if done IMMEDIATELY though. (Just FYI. It really does work irl)


@33 oh no! life won't make it? Not if I can help it! *grabs defibrillator* (also, am I the only chick that agrees with the dudes that the comment was super bitch. I'd never be that rude or presumptuous. If you can't tell. She's basically calling OP a loser who can't get legit sex and thus needs copious amounts of wank bank material. hence the bitchiness of the comment.)