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Scared shitless?

YDI Dont fuck around with your cat like that.


Scared shitless?

you scared the shit out of your cat

"I thought it would be funny to..." Yeah, I can tell just by that sentence that YDI

I did that to a dog once

karma, amirite?

lol'ed at this comment!! but op thts wat u deserve. dont scare ur cat. tht gives them the chance to run. actually, dont get the cat in the first place. ! dogs rule!!

*insert bad pussy jokes here*

Shitting while running away after being scared is a reflex common among mammals. The extraction of feces at high velocity provides a considerable speed boost the same way that throwing a rock would push you backwards sightly. Additionally, by removing the feces from the body, the animal becomes more lightweight and is able to flee with ease. A related, though separate phenomenon common to homosapiens, is where they make up arbitrary factoids related to a topic being discussed for humoristic effect, regardless of their accuracy.

YDI Dont fuck around with your cat like that.

really? I laughed my ass off when I read this fml

thats karma baby

haha lick that shit up YDI

I laughed, so effing hard. LOL.

me too. it made my day

If you're too much of a pussy to spell "fucking", don't include the word in your sentences.

Heh. Pussy. This FML is about a cat....

that is so nasty...i guess you know not to scare your cat ever again.

Pussies are afraid of you huh?

Hahaha I just burst out laughing when i read this. that just made my day, and YDI :)

OP's post is the funniest thing I have ever read.

Serves you right ! Karma is a bitch !

LMAO Way to go, YDI haha! Don't be mean to your pets.