By Not turnt - 27/07/2015 19:12 - United States - New Hyde Park

Today, I realized the only reason my mom trusts me to stay home alone for long periods of time is because I don't have enough friends to throw a party. FML
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Throwing house parties sounds like so much fun, bunch of people trashing your house and you cleaning up after them...


Throwing house parties sounds like so much fun, bunch of people trashing your house and you cleaning up after them...

JustinJK 21

I threw 1 'rager' in my apartment. Two pieces of furniture were ruined and the whole place was trashed. Never again. I'll have large get-togethers with closer friends, but never more than 15 or so people. Leave the parties to the Greek system and the group of guys who rent big houses.

I never understood the thrill of people throwing house parties while their parents were gone. As 1 says, a bunch of people come over, trash the place, have sex in your bedrooms/bathrooms, puke on the floors, and usually break something only for you to clean it all up and try and have everything perfect before your parents come home (which FYI, never happens). And that's all if you're lucky and the police don't show up, throw everyone out, and call your parents about the underage drinking and party that happened, forcing them to come home early and deal with it all. Ya, sounds great!

Well proving her wrong would mean to invite stranger or the friend of your friends and that because bad because they will not respect you or your house...

Why host a party when you can trash somebody else's house? IMO, OP's got a sweet deal. No curfew and house to him/herself. Have you ever seen a sitcom before? Even people who've never been to a party know it's a bad idea to host one behind your parents' backs.

I agree with 32. Enjoy the fact that you can stay up late watching tv, eat all the junk food you want, and enjoy the silence of having the house to yourself.

prove to her how much trouble just a few people can get in ;-) oh wait. . . that's bad advice. . oh well good luck

That's not trust....that's just confidence in his lack of friends

It sounds sad but its a good thing. and try and make friends OP! Show her you can have friends and she can still trust you. win win for you.

I feel a remake of project x coming on...

I've not had freinds for that long I've forgotten how to spell it

mds9986 24

It looks like you forgot grammar too.

I tell my mom I'm gonna have a party all the time and she just laughs.

don't be discouraged, you sound like a good person. get out there and the friends'll start coming. don't be affected by your mom's comment

Being home alone is the best! Why ruin it by bringing over a bunch of people who will leave a mess for you to clean up?