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  albinomustang  |  0

Quick!!!! Plaster her ass with a Semtex!!! Then scrambl'er!! Take yo Tactical insertion and make a hard landing up the front door!!! I think I saw some condoms in the Nova gas station to the east!! They call her Honey Badger for a reason!!!!

  defsdgdh  |  4

I would use some old school tricks for deep impact. also consider to double tap that ass and always have a steady aim.if she still isn't pleased give her some juggernaut. mostikely a headshot.

  Billbo23  |  0

i have only played cod once and for like 10 minutes but i know that those are cod maps... this is how big cod is in society, one who does not play can pick up so much about the game

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

OP, how else should she have told you tgat you suck in all the wrong ways in bed? Be glad she's a gamer and not a mechanic or something. Pistons, camshafts, etc.? Insert your own joke.

Bottom line is step up your game before she finds a new play mate!

  Ankhurth  |  0

OP: YDI for having a low level. try some skill training cuz u need higher lvl to beat that. try on: whore (lvl 99).
wait.. that makes no sense at all...

By  Sikh  |  0

So not only are you lucky got having a gamer girlfriend your gonna bitxh about her calling you a noob in bed. hey atleast she didn't just say "you fucking suck in bed". take noon a nice way of saying you need improvement and DONT bitxh about having a "game obssessed gf".