By anonymous - 20/02/2010 01:47 - Ireland

Today, while in bed with my game-obsessed girlfriend, she told me I was a "noob" in bed. FML
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Then you got your predator missile and penetrated deep.

That's what happens when you use too many speed cheats :P


Then you got your predator missile and penetrated deep.

did you stick your 'noob tube' in her, eh eh

bettadenne1 0

Op needs to work on those tactical insertions.

Go for the G spot and you will get the tactical nuke xD

You're pretty rusty and rundown. Maybe if you weren't so terminal during sex, you would get a highrise and your body wouldn't be a wasteland.

Let me do her talk "Epic fail she pwns n00bs I cam haz Cheeseburger"

garrettjordan 0

I would make it rain on her ass like a stealth bomber

good call on the tactical insertion! COD MW2 ftw

MadaZer0 8

Majones is so much ******* win! My god was that epic XD

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wow all mw2 puns the map one was funny hmm stick your thermal intervention in her face and shoot her ass til you get the accolade white hot

hahaha. he fiddled with her akimbo raficas

MAJONEs FTW btw u should of tactical knife her ass with commando pro + (no fail)

Did you then get pissed and use an AC130 on her ass? :P

skullbashd 3

maybe she's just cold blooded, you should get her some bling and then be like a ninja and scrambler out there

Majones FTW! Is anyone else turned on or am I the only gamer girl here?

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gamer girl right here too -waves- gimme your gamertags people(;

Use the intervention. Scope at her. Quickly pull out flash grenades. Throw flash grenade. Shoot through flash smoke. Recieve 100 points. Game over. FHL

leave her. people who say noob in real life are even more annoying than people who say LOL

hotscar 3

u just got to find the ********.

but don't forget to emergency airdrop on her face

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if your one weapon isn't pleasing her you gotta go akimbo

Quick!!!! Plaster her ass with a Semtex!!! Then scrambl'er!! Take yo Tactical insertion and make a hard landing up the front door!!! I think I saw some condoms in the Nova gas station to the east!! They call her Honey Badger for a reason!!!!

I hope op has harrier balls to strike with.

your tactical insertion must have been smashed.

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you could have mentioned Underpass too(: My friends didn't think gamer girls existed until I got my Xbox.

I would use some old school tricks for deep impact. also consider to double tap that ass and always have a steady aim.if she still isn't pleased give her some juggernaut. mostikely a headshot.

pass that gamer tag I will pwn that a few times show that snatch who's a "noob"

add me, my gtag is BobTheSnail, same as my account. if it's full just send me a MSG and I will make some room :)

Drop ur nuke cuz ur losing and get ULITMATE SACRFICE chalenge and emblem. hehe it'll be a BLAST

Ahh Flashbangs ...Short ..quick ...come when u least expect em to ...and leave you wondering WTF just happened!? =-X

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maybe ure derailed and need to go for that karachi and she'll be wetter than underpass

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prompted animal woot woot better 50. ftw!!!!!

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i have only played cod once and for like 10 minutes but i know that those are cod maps... this is how big cod is in society, one who does not play can pick up so much about the game

Billbo23 0

and btw i have the best gt; A FaTnEsS

use ur akimbo p90cles to spray her head while she bow down

Killerblonde41 2

your not alone, I'm a gamer girl too

I think you have to start using hax go enable your god mode and ur slow mo.cheat

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Are you ******* stupid? She sounds like an awesome girlfriend.

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xCloudReloadedx and MTG JaceBeleren. anyone add ^^ im mostly on my Cloud GT but i get on the MTG GT to f*** around :P

how old are you? cause I'm pretty sure you have probably never been near a Gspot.

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OP, how else should she have told you tgat you suck in all the wrong ways in bed? Be glad she's a gamer and not a mechanic or something. Pistons, camshafts, etc.? Insert your own joke. Bottom line is step up your game before she finds a new play mate!

That's what happens when you use too many speed cheats :P

OP: YDI for having a low level. try some skill training cuz u need higher lvl to beat that. try on: ***** (lvl 99). wait.. that makes no sense at all...

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well sorry Greg I didn't know what else to say

I can see a new FML now. "Today, my girlfriend who called me a 'noob' in bed read my FML about her calling me that. FML."

purplemnm 9

the weird thing is he knows I read FMLs so he's probably doing it on purpose to make me feel bad

purplemnm 9

I'm now laughing coz you took my comment seriously...

That was epic but he is lucky so he shouldn't be complaining nonetheless

u shudda replied 'you just got noob tubed'

idk what a noob is but I'm guessing it's not good.. practice makes perfect. get busy!! :)

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you sir just got a win you aren't a noob that's for sure

MadaZer0 8

Don't make fun of her! She's as hot as my Sentry gun!

More like when i use thermal i can see her super clearly

A duck faced spray tanned girl, is also a noib

So not only are you lucky got having a gamer girlfriend your gonna bitxh about her calling you a noob in bed. hey atleast she didn't just say "you ******* suck in bed". take noon a nice way of saying you need improvement and DONT bitxh about having a "game obssessed gf".

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I think he'd be concerned at the implication that his girlfriend might be a *****. 0_o

skullbashd 3

well if you gave a nerdy gf and she calls you bad that means something

Lol I have a game-obsessed GF, too. I don't play any. I feel like my luck there lies in taking away some gamer's happiness.