By jack - 28/02/2011 05:43

Today, my shoulder was pulled out of its socket when I was helping a customer load a desk into his vehicle and he decided to answer his cell phone. FML
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Sounds like you kneed a shoulder to cry on.

drop the desk and go back inside. It's his problem now


his call is more important than your hand

takeapieandrun 9

Your shoulder was pulled out of it's socket? How is that even possible? The last time I checked my shoulder was connected directly to my skeleton...

by different tissues if it was rigidly conected you couldnt move your arm

why don't you go ask Yahoo Answers. you would fit in perfectly.

Not even being funny but... you've never heard of someone pulling their shoulder out of its socket..? Wow.

emodude44 0

If the skeleton were all one solid object, it wouldn't move like it does. Anatony dear boy... Oh and don't diss yahoo answers. There are some people who aren't retarded on there. Google can't answer everything.

takeapieandrun 9

I was pointing out that your SHOULDER doesn't get pulled out of it's socket, your ARM does...

doink 0

You failed at being clever.

dusty209 0

I think he needs to work with weights or something cuz he seems really weak

gurl what's the secret of picking up girls?

How old are you? are u even 13, u have to be 13 to be on fml. how could someone not know that shoulders can dislocate? wow

rykerman33 0

you can be the worlds strongest man and still dislocate your shoulder.

Yeh an ARM is dislocated not a shoulder. but I see ops point lol

delfino1604 24

Get better, OP. I don't see why he wouldn't help you first.. He's just a meanie!

liljensen 0

Well, I believe you deserve this for being so selfish as to not understand the complexities of the being before you. Can you not see that Grandma Nunu is more important than your damn shoulder?! Selfish son of a bitch! Have a good day though.

Wtf was 75 cent seriously that important that you coudnt let your gf have it if ur that much of an ass YDI

OH!! OH!! Oh, that hurts just reading about it!!

Tell me about it, happen'd quite a few times to me. :3

jazzy_123 20

tell me about it! it happened to my knee. Popping it back in was the worst pain I've ever been through!

drop the desk and go back inside. It's his problem now

turkeys_hen 0

If a customer caused it perhaps this means a few days off? with pay? unless your boss is just as selfish as the customer.

rykerman33 0

nah he can just mention the word lawsuit and get plenty of time off and workers comp

It was probably a booty call and all he could get! Have some sympathy!

r u that selfish?? it might have been a relative dying, or even more importantly, a booty call. it just might have been Rihanna calling to ask oh na na what's my name??

jazzy_123 20

are you that stupid? The customer could have been nice and help put the desk down before answering the call.