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If the skeleton were all one solid object, it wouldn't move like it does. Anatony dear boy... Oh and don't diss yahoo answers. There are some people who aren't retarded on there. Google can't answer everything.


How old are you? are u even 13, u have to be 13 to be on fml. how could someone not know that shoulders can dislocate? wow

Well, I believe you deserve this for being so selfish as to not understand the complexities of the being before you. Can you not see that Grandma Nunu is more important than your damn shoulder?! Selfish son of a bitch! Have a good day though.


tell me about it! it happened to my knee. Popping it back in was the worst pain I've ever been through!

If a customer caused it perhaps this means a few days off? with pay? unless your boss is just as selfish as the customer.

r u that selfish?? it might have been a relative dying, or even more importantly, a booty call. it just might have been Rihanna calling to ask oh na na what's my name??


are you that stupid? The customer could have been nice and help put the desk down before answering the call.

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