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By  camartinez23  |  0

spice up your night :) throw all the spices you have on the bed!!

  AbuelaGrande  |  0

The only spice I make is the spice for me grand children and me neices and me nephew because it goes so well with the chicken but I do not understand the spice on the bed the cover no spicy only the spice I put on the chicken.

  isac1234  |  0

y'all don't be mean to my qirl camartinez shea just be a qood qirl okay, you best not talk shytz bout my white qirl you hoes ! I pu peppa & oreqano in my bed to spice it up & it works! so bitxh please stfu

  cgchamp89  |  7

Not really. It's safe to say she's getting it elsewhere... so he should too. Or think about getting a divorce, in which case OP would also get it elsewhere.

  Veraymix  |  6

Try to do something romantic for her!

  DjeePee  |  24

Wait, I'll help you!

When a woman isn't in the mood for sex for a couple of days/weeks/months/... or when she says she doesn't find sex important, chances are big that she's 'lying'. With 'lying' I mean that she is not not in the mood for sex (double negation ftw!) , but that she isn't in the mood for that specific kind of sex she receives. Many women prefer no sex instead of bad sex. And when is the sex bad, you ask? Well, mostly when she has the feeling that there is no(t much) intimacy.

To avoid this problem, there is a simple solution called 'communication'. She needs to say what she likes, but, the partner also has to ask her preferences. It's very hard to say to your partner what you like in bed if he/she never asks for it.


I disagree. that can be the case or life changes can happen that put sex at the bottom of the priority list and kill libedo. medications can also kill sex drive. the op never stated if the wife has had any major sudden life changes, is dealing with chronic stress, is on medication which might kill sex drive (antidepressants, some seizure medications, etc). she may be bored with the sex she gets from her partner or truly not interested in sex.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

^Google image dutch oven. Nothing to do with her nationality.

I always read DjeePee's name as DJPeepee. That'd be asick DJ name.

Anyways, I agree with her. Very few people grow tired of sex, they just grow tired of sex with that person. Find ways to fix it.
However, it's not always fixable, and I think this is a valid reason for a change of status in the relationship.. I'm rarely one to say "divorce", but it's better than cheating or being miserable together.
There's also taking some time apart, or having an open marriage, though i wouldn't call that a better solution.

Start by talking, though. Try to fix it, don't just whine on FML..


An open marriage is not a marriage. It's both spouses cheating on each other in front of each other.

With that said, I have to disagree about it being someone getting bored with their partner. I know that's sometimes the case but not always. I'm not bored with me and my fiancé's sex life in the least (it's fucking amazing) but I have the sex drive of a 50 year old woman. My doctor says a lot of women just have naturally low sex drives that have nothing to do with boredom whatsoever.

  wtf_op  |  0

I did talk to her about it. and I also told her I put it on here, she thinks it's funny and most of the ppl are morons. it doesn't say sex stopped...

  mrszane93  |  5

Agreed with 69. If it's the same sex or just not that good then I'd get bored with it also and hardly find a point in doing it. Foreplay can always change that. Focus more on pleasing her and she'd want it all the time.


that's men who hit their peak 17-early 20s. women hit it around 25-30. however this can be delayed or stopped by life changes that also happen at this point (deaths in the family, starting a family, first time home owning, etc) as well as some medications

  Stumblebum30  |  5

it's common for young men to think women are in their peak at a young age, because they themselves are. however, it's not true... at all. women reach it in their late 30's to 40's. happened to me and every one of my women friends.