By blondetergent - 20/06/2011 08:12 - Singapore

Today, I told my girlfriend that I'm a vegan. She replied, "So, you're allergic to meat?" FML
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The reason I eat meat is because it's delicious. Enough said.

"No, I have a vegetable fetish! Retard."


Is she by any chance related to a Lohan?

The only reason I eat meat is because I don't want to follow in Hitler's footsteps. ( He was vegetarian ) .. Well that's my excuse (:.

The reason I eat meat is because it's delicious. Enough said.

JustLetItHappen 2

Plus it's basically free. Cost of a bullet and a little time to gut and clean it. Nothing healthier.

-27 Yeah... Cause EVERYone just hunts for their meat nowadays.

mduffy08 8

I heard from tosh dark meat is bad for you anyways.

Badshah29 6

meat is the best if u wanna grow buff, and yah, its hell tasty!

27 I chase it down and kill it with my bare hands. Anyone want lion? Also it's kinda weird how people say we shouldn't eat animals but they eat each other and sometimes eat humans.

OceanBreathesSal 5

I thought that was steroids.

Badshah29 6

its steroids only if u wanna die early after suffering from a million side effects

OceanBreathesSal 5

A cow or a pig do not eat themselves or eat humans.

65 well that's not what I said. I also meant some animals but I didn't put some.

65 a pig will eat anything if it's edible

actually, it's cheaper in the long run not to.

MerrikBarbarian 9

don't forget game tags, unless you're poaching... in which case I consider you fair game if it's on my land :p there is also the cost of a hunting licence, the gun, ammo, safety gear... hunting isn't free and if you're bow hunting it's ******* expensive.

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who said she's hot? and that isn't true at all.

Lulututu- coming from you? Yeah dumb bitches definitely aren't hot.

lulututu 4

ohh okay so I guess I've never known a girl that was smart and hot. because you've know who I know

Sesh54 7

wow for her birthday buy her a dictionary

he might need to buy her a 'learn to read' program first

OceanBreathesSal 5

I bought one of those, I couldn't read the instructions...

Wow you picked a winner! I hope she is pretty because she isn't very bright!!

Haha I bet she's never even opened a book, just her legs!

You need to work on being pretty yourself before you question someone elses looks

Hey idiot, who questioned her looks? Make sure you know the context before you make an ass of your self with an asinine comment!

I never said she wasn't pretty, just that she wasn't very intelligent!

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actually #4 is really pretty. idk where your getting that shit from. your the one with no prof. pic & I bet if u had one I'd think you were uglyy

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PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

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I'm sorry but animals are tasty, it's why we eat them. not for the pleasure of killing!

54 - You're right. Animals aren't tasty. THEY'RE DELICIOUS!!! Nom nom nom!!

I like the taste of meat :) just not pork/bacon

ReynshineCutting 10

58- We eat meat from the grocery store because it's delish and easier. We eat meat from hunting because it's both delish and fun to kill them :)

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96- carnivores. The word you're looking for is carnivores. And we aren't carnivores, we are omnivores, just like nature intended. Humans are apex predators, the only reason some of us don't eat meat, is because even apex predators aren't immune to stupidity.

106- I was going to say that but you beat me to it. I agree, it is stupid that some humans, who were born with a digestive system that can consume both vegetation and meat, choose not to eat delicious meat. It is a gift! Why not use it?

the only animals that instinctively kill for the fun of it are cats and killer whales

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"I told my girlfriend I was a vegan" Sooo, you aren't anymore?

"No, I have a vegetable fetish! Retard."

As long as she's not allergic to your meat, I'd say that it's not too big of a deal.

"Yes, dear, I'm allergic to meat." Y' know, clueless girls like that can be cute.