By sickandtiredofit - 24/01/2012 19:50 - United States

Today, I found out that my wife has been having an affair with the guy who's been trying to get our relationship back on track. FML
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Sooooooo messed up, sorry op, pimp slap that hoe then dump her ass

Well that's ironic.... Almost as mutch as printing flyers for saving trees


Sooooooo messed up, sorry op, pimp slap that hoe then dump her ass

olpally 32

Pimp slap her, then beat his ass as well.. Fyl op, you got royally screwed.. You can do so much better than that dirty cheating bitch! There's plenty of more fish in the sea..

If this guy was a professional, you can sue him. Professionals aren't allowed to have any sort of relationship with their clients. So, that would be sweet revenge, no?

ThisIsMyReign 4

Your first mistake was believing Virginia is for lovers.

OP never said anything about believing VA is for lovers.

ThisIsMyReign 4
ThisIsMyReign 4

No one said it was. Just one Virginian to another. Don't like it make a better one.

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PlastikSeraph 2

Now I'm no relationship expert, but it sounds to me like he's doing a pretty bad job.

That's a jerky move, not literally (pun intended of you want it to)

Im sorry. I can only imagine how your feeling

dcg1375 7

Like the old saying go's. For every beautiful woman out there, there's some guy tired of ******* her.

#24 But no matter how many fish in the sea it would feel so empty without me! I'm Sorry... :D!!!

If you want something it yourself...

Colonel_Lexi 18

You're better of without those jerks, OP.

Sounds like he's trying to improve your relationship with your hand, OP.

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These small penis jokes are getting really old.

83 so you've seen it then? Its ok I won't judge you, whatever floats your boat.

He was getting it on track, not the track you planned on but a track to a speedy divorce. Lol fyl for sure

Chaos187 6

I hate when people put shit together thinking it will make an awesome new word.

Everyone says awksauce... (sarcasm for all you dumbarded people..)

GoW_Chick 14

Saying awksauce is just as bad as saying, awks, jelly, just sayin, lolz, or not spelling out "u," or "ur," I'm sure there are many others, I just can't think of them right now.

SupahAsian 4

Plus, the situation isn't even awkward. Not every unfortunate event is awkward.

desireev 17

Dear #3, Please do not use the word 'awksauce' anymore. For the greater of the people of the FML Nation. Please don't. I felt a couple brain cells die when I saw that word. Sincerely, desireev

62- lol you messed that up pretty bad buddy.

desireev 17

Thank you good sir. It took me 3 seconds to think of that when it would normally take me 1/2 a second. I'm sure gonna miss those brain cells...

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I do hope you realize that was a joke mate.

Chaos187 6

Jeenkies!! I get it! So if the marriage counselor got him and his wife back together, and he was trying to get rid of his wife, then doesn't that mean the whole time the marriage counselor was gay for the husband?

I think he was trying to say that the "mediator" wanted to get rid of OP's wife, so he tried to help OP with his marriage problems.

Well that's ironic.... Almost as mutch as printing flyers for saving trees

Chaos187 6

Or as ironic as trying to save trees when paper is already dead trees.

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-slow clap- very nice 17. You deserve a pat on the face.

That's as ironic as spelling "right" wrong.

17 you fell off the changing table a couple times didn't you?

Miss_Trejo 5

Dump her and don't look back. Trust me, cheaters never stop doing it.

Chaos187 6

Shes right..I will always regret the first time I cheated... Damn that genius girl who sat next me in class...I just couldn't help it...

Once a cheater, always a cheater. People who avoid facing their issues and looking for what they want (sex) else where, will end up doing the same thing in other relationships once things go down hill.

+ 1. I was stupid enuf to be cheated on twice, by the same female with 2 diff guys... :(

Right there with you 92.. Happy 2012 to me..

KiddNYC1O 20

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Remember that.

Chaos187 6

Oh and for all you idiots who think I cheated ona girlfriend. No, I was referring to cheating on her paper. Never have cheated on a girl, never will.

Enough* different** not rocket science honey (:

dump her yay! ive never been posted higher than 40th before, much less 5th

sammyjanette 17

Aww well then I hate to be the bearer of bad're 9th. :D

He's fifth inside and that's what counts. Just joking your ninth and that's what you will be remembered for.