Dead bed

By ohyey - 29/01/2011 01:50 - Norway

Today, I discovered that my wife isn't cheating on me after all, as I'd feared. We just don't have sex anymore. FML
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summerkingsley 0

Then start making your marriage interesting dude!


I like to spice things up with lois, last night I wore this Indiana jones costume and I had to raid her lost ark. It was alright till Steven spielberg joined in and that just ruined everything...

there not their Is no one educated in proper English any more?

shut up, this is the internet were talking about here

ayeitsmerr 0

is no one understanding of a simple spelling or grammar mistake anymore? I mean geez. get over yourself. cool, you check over your comments 500 times to make sure everything is spick and span for what? a FML comment...ON A COMMENT? seriously? fail on your part, Honestly4U.. by the spelled "you" wrong and you're using the wrong "for" in your user name.

owned that biotch!!! oh, I'm sorry, bitch

**** my life? More like **** my wife!

Then start making your marriage interesting dude!

scuba113 2

try to spice up your sex life alittle that might help. if not your life sucks

stacster 0

well if you get your balls back you should learn how to use them correctly!

summerkingsley 0

hahahaha straight to the point, i like it! lmao

summerkingsley 0

hahaha well really. he needs to grow some balls and satisfy her.

FYLDeep 25

Then quit wasting your time not trusting in her and spend some time being romantic.