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Today, I found out that my wife had an affair with our marriage counselor. FML
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perdix 29

He ****** you both simultaneously. You financially and her literally. Or in the ass.


Reyo 2

Anyone else thinking "Gary Unmarried"?

im thinking irony ... my god i love irony .. i want to die ironically :D

Sun_Kissed18 25

@14 no I didn't but now I did! lol you're right, that is so Gary Unmarried

archistrage 0

Bet she doesn't think he's a 'shrink'.

hellokittywhore 0

haha ftw # 71!! same here like a like a piano teacher being crises by a falling piano!! XD

this fml is the definition of irony XD love it :)

I know this was 6 years ago, but you will die when your wife just gave birth.

She must be pretty damn persuasive, or very hot.

dancingyrlie 1

YDI for going to marriage counseling. if it's not working, leave. life is too short to be stuck with somebody who doesn't make you happy.

I hate it when people say "Life is short." Life is the longest thing anyone has ever done. How is someone ever going to do something longer than be alive? OP: No one deserves to be cheated on. It's never appropriate. I'm so sorry :( Fyl.

Towelie_31 0

well if you count living as doing something, i feel safe saying being dead is doing something too. you're dead a lot longer then you're alive, just saying. (but i totally agree with you on the no one deserves to be cheated on thing)

People say it because they wanted it to be longer. Even though life itself is the longest thing you have going I don't think it counts as doing something though.

perdix 29

dancingyrlie, That's such BS to say, "if it's not working, leave." There are all kinds of ways for a marriage to be broken -- some are fixable and some are not. One spouse can tell the other directly what they demand to stay in the marriage, and it can still go unheard. When a counselor gets involved those demands get taken more seriously and you can get definitive answers as to whether they will be met or not. If you can reach an agreement, you can have a good marriage going forward. If not, you know that you gave it your best, and that ought to help you in court. I also disagree that no one deserves to be cheated on. I think there are extreme examples where that should be amended to "Almost no one deserves to be cheated on."

SpookyDeeCat 0

Excuse me? YDI? I think not. Marriage Counseling can help people if they really want to work at it, and they have the right counselor. The MC should not have done that. So it is NOT their fault in ANY WAY unless there is anther part of the story we won't know...

I would just like to take this moment to inform everyone to IGNORE #3. This person has clearly never been in a marriage and is very ignorant about the topic. Good for you for getting help when it wasn't working. I'm so sorry that the doctor you went to was a complete idiot and did such a horrible thing. I hope everything works out okay in the end. But again; if your marriage is having troubles, get help and fix it! Especially if you have kids!

You've obviously never been married, and if you have, I hope you had fun with your 17 divorces.

Obviously FYL for your wife having done that. But, still, you can probably sue the guy.

BikerMike 0

hell, you can probably do both sue and get his license revoked. you can have his nuts in a vise for what he did.

Councillors seem to be charging WAY to much these days..

Towelie_31 0

lol, you have the perfect answer to marriage problems, threesome with the marriage counselor

pedosmurf 7

Now how does that make you feel?

roaminginsomniac 0

Wow! Sorry your wife is a *****! Give her to the counselor, and move on!

Acually it would be tragic. It would be ironic if it made the OP feel better. But yes lol I agree :)

cheergurlxx2 0

sue the guy leave the girl get another girlfriend show her off to both of them say that ur ex wasnt worthy of u jk but seriously, fyl irony can b cruel

That actually sounds like a pretty good plan. OP should sue, get that guy fired and his license revoked, then check to see if he's married as well. If so, you've got one more life to ruin before you're on your marry way with a new wad of money in your pocket. Not only does him and your wife cheating effect him, it will make divorce court swing way in your favor.

cheergurlxx2 0

wow that plan is waaay better than nmine :]

brynnisawesome 0

I'd get his ass fired. Any sort of counselor is NOT supposed to get involved with a patient AT ANY LEVEL. You get the proof, talk to his supervisor, and BOOM! That guy's life is ruined and he has a big fat black mark on his record.