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Today, a woman got out of a car to scream at me as I was walking with the kids I babysit, demanding to know where I was taking her children. Apparently the woman who pays me is also a babysitter, who I have been "covering" for on her party nights. The mother doesn't believe I didn't know this. FML
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Wow. What a hosejob! Maybe you should be the replacement when the other girl gets fired.


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And what kind of parties? Like scramble or bingo?

Thank you for that slightly angry definition. I do know the difference but I don't assume everyone else does. Many people here use the terms interchangeably and it was the only way the post made sense to me. It mayn't have been a nanny though. BTW, I am not from the States but I do live there, er, here.

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she IS doing a real job but with an extra bonus by hiring the op to do the job for less while she gets paid the full price

Wow. What a hosejob! Maybe you should be the replacement when the other girl gets fired.

Well, considering the reaction, I suspect neither of them is going to be able to keep their jobs.

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nice...well look at the bright side...she did not press charges right? :D

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agreed...I can't even imagine what was going through that mom's head at the time...

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That meme is got old a month ago.

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Actually #23, he is really the first born son of the rainbow land's unicorn king. They fart rainbows and gallop on clouds and grant wishes if you catch them. It's really quite spectacular.

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I have seen probably 5 people with your profile pic #7 just so you know or if you are one of those people that just uses other peoples faces because you're embarrassed about yourself.

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Where were they being taken though? Wouldn't you still be at her house?

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maybe they were taking a walk to a park or something. I used to do that with my baby sitter when the weather was nice, and I used to take the kids I babysat to the playground down the street. Obviously this is much easier in some places than in others, but sometimes you just have to get the kids out of the house and moving around!

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that's a messed up, I'm surprised the kids, if they could talk, wouldn't their mom this was going on.

I don't get it can someone plz explain to me??

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the mom hired the babysitter to watch her kids, the babysitter then hired another babysitter, and pretended to be the mom. The second babysitter then got caught by the mom not knowing who she was, because she was not the babysitter that the mom had originally hired.

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She just wanted to know where you were talking them. It didn't matter that a complete stranger was walking with her kids, she just wanted to know that you weren't taking them to a sex party. Or a glue factory. They make glue out of kids, right?