By NewTenant - 20/06/2011 07:37 - United States

Today, while a very cute girl was explaining the apartment's laundry machines to me, I blurted out, "It's okay, my pants are used to handling huge loads". FML
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mcxhunni 0

maybe she thought you might have been referring to your dick... not dumping on yourself...

someones socially awkward.


mcxhunni 0

maybe she thought you might have been referring to your dick... not dumping on yourself...

Smooth move no nuts!

grass_hopperr 1

Hopefully but probably not... :

extrovertical 0

or a huge load of shit

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Dont worry, OP. You turned her on.

that's what I thought.

Insight1992 0

shut up that's mad gross jk I was thinking the same thing lol

flighted_ 0

I was thinkin OP meant he uh....loses his his pants a lot, seeing that he doesn't really get any. no? ...okay lol

gabstahhh 8

Great laundry conversation...? Hahaha

sounds more like jizz in the pants

OceanBreathesSal 5

1- your picture frightens me for some reason.

mcxhunni 0

good ;)

AbuelaGrande 0

The loads I see is the load from the fire truck when he come and take my basura or garbadge I think you say in English away.

Veraymix 6

Yeah, I too would have thought of the dick. let's hope she doesn't analyze it too much.

Ducati4623 0

Am I the only one that thinks this guy is a legend for saying that? I wish I had the courage to just go for the win straight away.

Thats what i thought, I thought he was reffering to his dick.

LOL, when I read it I thought of jizz, not poop. xD

abuela you never make any sense :s

did she giggle, smile and wink?

126 your pic is awesome

F14Shado 0

as do I.

maz_irken 6

shitty situation?

method_men25 2

Haters gonna hate!! This is gold OP, milk it!! Take this ambiguous and embarrassing

method_men25 2

Haters gonna hate!! This is gold OP, milk it!! Take this ambiguous and Potentially embarrassing situation, spin it, and she'll be handling your 'huge load' in no time

iJasper 8


Wow, what an original comment!

You made it to the #2 spot, Well done!!

iJasper 8

Lol, I just relized I did get second xD

It's morons like you that make me wonder why the human race is in charge of the world.

1221jamw 11

chill bro.

iJasper 8

>.> I'm not going to say anything, because I dont want to waste my time, talking to you.

Dude, I'm as chill as the freaking ice monster in my bath tub. Actually, he hasn't been so chill lately after he accidentally ate my unicorn... but my point is I'm chill.

ShaliniBabiie 0

roflmao !

if you kept a unicorn captive apparently you're not all that chill.. however I would like to have MY ice monster back. my ice tank is lonely.

73 - Your picture made me laugh and feel weird at the same time

I love NomOnShroomz, don't dis him 'Kay? Goddit? GOOD! ;)

Baby2000 0

your a loser

deliciouscake 3

He's not a loser, "you're" a loser.

mmk... not sure how to take that hah

Insight1992 0

shut up

That's what ruffies are for...

^ they should call them groundies

camcam103 0


It's not how you take it, but where.

your fail sir...

I thought 'you' made more sense than 'you're'

Was the face she made when you said that cute as well? I bet it was.

TalkinSmack 6

lol pricess!

MVProbbins 0

You spelt it wrong. Dumbass.

lol its just a typo im sure this guy does know that priceless has an L in it, he's not that dumb. dont get so offended by one typo, jeez it's not like he was tlkng lyk dis

LittleIrishGirl 0

I love how on his profile thingy he spelled words wrong himself lol

someones socially awkward.

lopez1222 3


Next time, try thinking before you speak...

flighted_ 0

....for someone with an "originality" picture. by the way, you DO know why the -1 goes to a 0 the next day, right....? lol

Someone already said something like "how original" so I'm not the unoriginal one here, ass.

She's** Not I'm

omfg_creepers 8

so are mine!

Ask her if you can have sex with her