By Anonymous - 11/11/2014 18:56 - United States - Dekalb

Today, I walked into my bathroom, only to find my dad passed out on the floor with his pants around his ankles. FML
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well he ALMOST made it

He could be passed out drunk, so walking away and leaving him alone could actually result in him dying.


That's when you turn around and walk away...

No.. You ask for an explanation

He could be passed out drunk, so walking away and leaving him alone could actually result in him dying.

Did he at least had his underwear on?

I disagree #1 OP doesn't state anything about the dads health, anything could be wrong with him and even though it's not pleasant I think it's their duty to make sure he's okay and help if needs be..

He could have had a heart attack or something, you don't just leave someone there when they're passed out.

or if he is drunk, he can puke and choke on it. and die. x.x

#36 is right, you can't just leave him there without drawing some penises on his face. But seriously though, if you truly care about someone you don't leave them unconscious by the toilet.

Yes you drag him into the dining room and make him into a lovely center piece.

incoherentrmblr 21

That must've been one powerful sh**...

BasedComment 15

Turn down for what!

I understand, going to the bathroom when you're drunk is tough and takes it out of you!

Actually you're right. Going number 2 very drunk can make you pass out. Happen to a friend on mine.

well he ALMOST made it

OP's bathroom must have been closer than his own, too.

They probably share it?

Actually, #12 had the right idea. OP did say 'my bathroom.' Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I shared the bathroom with someone I would have said, "our bathroom" or "the bathroom."

I'm getting the feeling this happened in OP's own home.

Hope he's alright!

Must have been some party.

Sounds like your dad likes to party.

ulissey_fml 22

When you drink so much you can't do the maths anymore, you can just do the mat.

Sir, you are drunk, leave the internet alone and call it a day.

The follow up has to be epic

I agree. There should be a follow up! I want to know if the dad's okay!

agghhh 7

is he ok?.. .-.

Imma party with your pops . Makes me look sane with my pants off.