By notgreg - United States
Today, I found out my neighbor ordered parking tickets for everyone on the block. My car was 4 inches into his driveway, but not obstructing his exit in any way. That didn't stop him from calling in, on a Sunday, at 8 AM, an 88 dollar ticket. He also left a note "Your parking sucks, love, Greg." FML
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  FarSide  |  22

Kill his cat. Toss Clorox on his lawn. Put nails under his tires. Slip a pound of sugar into his gas tank. Leave a note on his windshield saying "Next time, you will sleep with the fishes. Love, Luca Brasi".

  xxCFHxx  |  0

Don't fuck with Greg. There are assholes all over the world, and he's just one of them. I've lived on the main street of our town for like 5 years now, in a 1880's house with a street older than my house is. Four inches doesn't sound like a lot, but if you're on a 20 ft wide street, with cars on either side, it just fucking sucks to get anywhere. The note was unnecessary, however. That was just a dick move.

No, dude, FarSide, you gotta go even MORE devious. Saran-wrap his car after sanding the N-word on the doors. Remove his tires and sell them on eBay (my roommates helped me do this in college, fucking funniest thing ever). Put PopIts in his gas tank (that's like the fireworks you throw on the ground and they explode). Even better, put a Roman candle in his engine with the wick touching the sparkplug. I've personally never pulled that off, but whoever does will be a fucking prank GOD.

  birds_fml  |  7

#61 EXACTLY! If cars aren't at least a foot away from our driveway, we cannot get out. There's a dick next door who likes to park completely blocking our driveway. I'm going to call the cops on him next time he pulls that shit.

OP... don't block people's driveways and then you won't get tickets. It's really very simple. YDI x100

  KsESteve  |  0

To me. That is complete and total bullshit. If you were obstructing his driveway, than GTFO. But over 4 inches? How about grow up and stop doing the whole "That's mine!" thing that all 3-10 year old children do.
That guy is a jackass.


#50, the OP was still parking IN someone else's driveway. Whether or not he was obstructing anything is his own opinion. Besides, too many people park just a little bit in front of driveways and get away with it. What if someone else comes along later and parks 4 inches in on the other side? The owner of said driveway would probably be stuck.

  KsESteve  |  0

"My neighbor sucks for not helping me get away with breaking the law." You made it sound like he robbed a bank. All he did was park less than half a foot into his driveway. Also.. leaving the note was 100% immature. The note said "Your parking sucks, love Greg" ... where the fuck do you get maturity out of that?

And I do agree with #57, In such a case it's understandable. But it seems like this guy did it for the sake of giving him the ticket. In a neighborhood like mine, as far as I know the bylaws aren't nearly as strict and most people really don't car so long as you aren't blocking their driveway completely. Coming from my standpoint this seems like a dick move all the way.

  iGreen_Day  |  0

:D wut????

I don't really care about your -$88, I care about your neighbour. He's a bitter old douchebag that has no life and probably has never been laid, FHL.

By  babylon_pride  |  0

Yeah, we had to deal with this from the church down the street. When there was a wedding, they blocked /everyone's/ driveways, and some couple parked six inches in front of ours. We couldn't get out. (One side was the car and a fence. The other side is a telephone pole. We would've had to drive over the grass. It's annoying to find a car in /our/ driveway, just sitting there like they own it. Doesn't matter if it's an inch or a foot. If we hit the car, it's our fault. So why not take control of the situation and get what's rightfully ours back, instead of having to pay 400 dollars for a scratched car if we can't back out correctly?

So, totally deserved it. You knew you parked in front of his driveway. You fucked up. Deal with it. It won't happen again, at least. :)

By  HarrietPotter  |  1

What an asshole! Maybe you should work on the parking, but you definitely didn't deserve to pay $88 for it...he should have just asked you politely to move it! I would only say you deserve it if this is a daily to weekly occurrence and you just don't do anything about it. But I'm sorry man...that sucks!

By  blastvortex  |  3

Well, if you hadn't done that in the first place, then you wouldn't have to pay the piper, would you? If he's going this far, then it's highly probable that it isn't the first time either. Of course, even if he is just making pearls, YDI anyway.