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Today, I got a parking ticket for $150. It seems it was issued by my husband, who apparently can't remember license plate numbers. FML
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If you ought to have got the parking ticket... you deserved it. Acting like he should bend the rules for you is idiotic, and a risk of his job security.

Just because your husband is a police officer doesn't mean that you can break the law. YDI


so what? if it was someone else you would still get a ticket. YDI

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I agree. Maybe you should not break the law -.-

Agreed. ****, it's not like she actually expected to get away with illegal parking..she just expected her husband (who SHOULD have recognized her car) to at least call her up and inform her she could get a parking ticket for the way she's parked. Seriously..who the hell would want a parking ticket written up by their own spouse? if you wouldn't have issues.

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That's harsh 37... there are probably days when she doesn't know if he'll come home or not, even though he only hands out parking tickets the job is still dangerous. There was this cop shot to death where i live... he had a wife and two sons, and the entire city was up in arms about it. I was also upset and I didn't even know him. the shooter is up for the death penalty, but it's being dragged out like crazy 'cuz no one's been executed in my home state for so long. And OP, it just occurred to me unless you guys don't have a joint account that he'll wind up paying for the ticket, so I say F both your lives.

#42, what the hell is wrong with you?!? Goddamn piece of shit!

oh hell ******* no....people like you need to be shot as to stop you from spreading that STUPID idea of sexism....

this I agree with...he should of just called and said "hey honey you're parked where your not supposed to be please move the car"...

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Douchebag. And to the OP: it doesn't really matter, just cause it's your husband doesn't mean you're above the law...maybe you should do less illegal shit, then you won't get tickets

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I agree. You broke the law. Why should it matter if your husband is a police officer? Do you expect him to allow you to get away with murder as well?

I agree that she shouldn't abuse the law just because her husband is a cop. And I think this seems kind of ridiculous...there is no way that her husband didn't know it was her car...even if he didn't know the license plate number, I think he would atleast recognize the car itself...

Yeah but you do realize that every person with a "connection" somewhere in the legal system always finds a way to get out of these anyway... I think we should just appreciate this for the irony of the situation. And this is coming from a person who once got a parking ticket in her own driveway in New Orleans.

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Jandersoniii! I thought you were for women's rights and rape prevention! When did that change?! D:

i think car companies make more than just one of each type of car

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LMFAO!! You have been screwed by the long hard dick of the LAW!! Smile Jesus loves you =)

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I agree with you, just because you husband is police do not mean you do not have to get ticket when you break the law.

Not a big issue... Just contest the ticket, and have him not show up to court. Problem solved. Or, if his overtime pays him enough, have the case as prolonged as possible. Either way, profit.

...people actually took #42 seriously? I weep for the future of the species.

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seriously. take a freaking joke people. what does a woman do when she gets out of the battered wives shelter? the dishes if she knows what's good for her. happily married female here, by the way.

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She kind of is assuming she's above the law. She's assuming that her husband, who's vowed to uphold the law, won't give her a ticket because of who she is. I'm not sure if there IS a better way to describe someone thinking she's above the law. And we do know enough from the story to know that she WAS breaking the law and deserved a ticket.

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her husband is not even a cop hes a ****** ticketman, hes not arresting ppl or doing patrols. the only shit he does is giving out parking tickets, and eve that simple as shit job he did bad by giving his own car a ticket which is by itself an EPIC FAIL!!! and ur dumb too for being a woman driver and parked in the wrong spot. hopefully u didnt brake any other driving rules on ur way there.

all of your are retarded, she did not expect to get away with anything, she probly didnt even mean to park illgally, her husband did not choose his job over her, or choose not to over look her car in fear of getting firerd, hes a ******* metermaid, no one would ever know that he over looked her car, because he works alone, meter maids do not have partners, or supervisors out in the field with them. before posting about it on fml, The Op most likely called her husband, he was probly just as sad as her, being that they share their income, otherwise he would have told her he did it because he didint want to lose his job, and that would be in the fml, last off shes not posting this because she got a ticket, shes agrees that she deserved the ticket, but the fact that her husband, could of easily over looked the giving that car a ticket and saved their family 150,


that ***** not even cool...

Jandersoniii is a god among trolls. Hahaha. Ohhh I miss this. I can't believe someone took any of this seriously.

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Exactly. What a dumb ass OP.

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lol do u just go around making sexist comments cuz i think i saw another one of your pieces of work on another fml

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This is his FML for having a wife that can't spell 'liscence.'

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But you spelled it wrong too. I'm pretty sure SHE is the one who spelled it correct, dummy.

If you ought to have got the parking ticket... you deserved it. Acting like he should bend the rules for you is idiotic, and a risk of his job security.

Still doesn't make an FML. Maybe if it was written by her EX husband after lending her car to her broke boyfriend who then dumped her for her best friend instead of paying for the ticket. That would be a FML.

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Wow, #26, I commend you on your creativity. I couldn't come up with a situation like that off the top of my head if I tried lol

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Uh, we know. We're saying that doesn't make an fml.

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well since he's her husband they probably share money so he kind of just wrote himself a ticket.

better than actually losing his job, which would restrict income to their household! anyways, i think this is a YDI cuz she expected that she would be exempt from the law just cuz she's a cop's wife, and also cuz she was doing something illegal

idiot. You think you can break the law because your husband is a police officer? Gg, go murder someone. See what happens. And nice spelling.

Dont blame her for assuming that, you probably would do the same XP

you're one to talk. Your=you're. I don't understand why so many people get this wrong.

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Also, remeber is not a word, not in english anyway, it's remember, or 'member, if you wanna try to be cool.

lmao @ 'memba -if you are trying to be cool

I can definitely say that I wouldn't assume I was above the law just because of who I'm married to.

some people don't realize they are parked in a spot they can't...OR...just a thought here...the meter expired before she could get to it...don't assume she MEANT to break the law...

Just because your husband is a police officer doesn't mean that you can break the law. YDI

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>.> He just has to do his job. That you're his wife isn't going to make any ******* diffrence (at least it shouldn't if he's a good cop. Else he deserves to be fired)

What do you expect? She's a woman, and a canadian. Now watch this comment get marked as spam because of the butthurt canadian feminists :D

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**** you. I don't give a shit about the Canadia shit because i'm not Canadian. But because she's a woman? Race and Sex has no impact on your intelligence.

Race and sex certainly do have an impact on your intelligence, possibly a major one. For example if you are black you are more likely to hang out with more black people than white people. If it just so happens that, that certain group contains unintelligent people by chance, then you are more likely to act more dumb to fit in with them.

So you're complaining about getting a traffic ticket when you did something stupid? And complaining about enforcement of the law? And complaining that your husband did his job, the one that brings in income, which is now lessened because you violated parking regulations? More like F his life.

she shouldnt have parked illegally, agreed. but it annoys me that you are assuming that the husband is the one bringing in the income. women can't work? jerk

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well, he is bringing in the income, or at least a big portion of it. he is a cop, after all.

Not necessarily. Cops usually don't make THAT high of a salary

total FML! I don't think she is debating the fact that she deserved a ticket.. but who the hell expects to see it written out by their HUSBAND! its not like her fml said "Today I got a ticket from a random officer. My husband is also a police officer. FML" . the FML is that It was written BY HER HUSBAND!!

that is one way of reading the FML. why are people disagreeing with this? they way i did read this OP deserved it but I do see how u could read the FML differently with this post.