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Today, I spend two hours inside a bar talking about how I never worry about my boyfriend cheating on me when he travels for work. Everyone told me I was lucky to have such a great relationship. When we all decided to go out on the patio for a smoke, we saw him making out with someone else. FML
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Well, technically he wasn't traveling for work when cheating on I guess you were kind of right...


I always said smoking was bad for you.....

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i was going to say that...that does suck though.

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Not just smoking, but also talking about yourself for 2 whole hours.

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op is GAY!? we should go hang him from his toenails and chop is dick off, gay people deserve to be castrated

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Haha nice as if that would somehow magically stop his cheating.

Lol silly me i didn't notice that OP was a man, so I thought the above posters were just being weird But yeah, trolling or not, don't post homophobic shit like that. There are already enough homophobes out there giving gay people a hard time. Don't add to this plz

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to all the people that think poorly of gay people like #134, 117, and 126, you guys are idiots. you say that the bible says that gay people are bad, but it also says that black slavery is good and a ton of other shit. god didn't make that--a bunch of white, homophobic men invented that book. and if god loved all, he wouldnt be making fun of gays and wanting them to die. people like you are sick and are the reason for genocides like in the KKK and the Nazi uprising. so shut the **** up and realize that gays are PEOPLE, not little bugs to look down upon. they have feelings and care about others--even you. so open your eyes, you homophobic assholes, because the sooner you do the sooner the world will become a better place. because you super-Christians are always talking about saving the world, but never doing shit about it by being such stubborn asses when it comes to loving all. btw, i am a Christian too. but i am one who does not hate based on sexuality, race, upbringing, or religion like you all.

Oh thank god- a Christian that speaks sense!! Fundamentalist christians are stupid. I know what it says in the Old Testament about homosexuality being a sin and all, but the whole point of the New Testament was to bring a totally NEW message to REPLACE the old message. Jesus did not believe that homosexuality was a sin, therefore his followers shouldn't either.

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kcslgvr wins! You also forgot that the bible condemns the death of those that work on the sabbath day, diobediant teens, girls that have sex before they get married, and more. I guess everyone that thinks gays should die thinks people that work at Wal-Mart on Sundays should also die. Nice going. OP: Dumb his ass. You don't deserve that cheating asshole.

moreover, think for yourself what you believe is right. see religion as an addition to your education and development. any book that inhibits own thoughts, is a waste of paper.

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you a dumb muthafcka ! OP -- FYL . i hate cheaters ;; break uhpp w/ him !

136 they didn't mention anything about the bible. I believe that alot of things in the bible is a load of horseshit, which is why I'm an athiest. However, there is such a thing as morals. So, yeah I agree, don't hate based on race, sexual preference, or religion. Seriously, I hate people who think they're better than others.

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I am a christian but I dislike homosexuality for a different reason. No, I don't want them all to die I simply respectfully disagree.

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I'm so sick of people saying different OPs deserve what happens to them because they're smokers. I understand if it's someone who got in a fender bender because they were drunk or high... I can even see people saying OP deserves it for bragging on about how his BF doesn't cheat, but deserve it because he went to smoke? You wouldn't say he deserved it if he just walked home and spotted them. I don't smoke, but I don't judge harshly of those who do.

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major suckage, ya should have wandered over to them and told the chick to get tested cause He gave You a STD, would have been fun to watch that play out.

well that always happens when you say something will never happen cuz sometimes it does but FYL

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what an ass!!!! but how could you not detect that something was going on

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So does that mean he gets home early from business and neglects to tell you? Or that he never really left and you got served? Why in the hell would he hang out at a bar thats anywhere he could get caught? Some ppl are terrible at cheating!

Reply to #7 LoL, I spit out my beer, after readin that. +1