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Today, I was looking for a parking spot and finally found one. Trying to figure out if the spot was legal, I asked a cop that had pulled up. He said it was fine. I came back 3 hours later to a parking ticket. FML
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By  nb123  |  0

had that same thing happen to me. two cops on two separate occasions told me it was ok to park there, even the sign said that you get a fine only if you park north of the sign. I was south of it. I came out of the building as the cop was writing me a ticket. I asked him why he was doing that if he had told me it was ok and the sign backed me up too and he said "its life". after that he called me baby and started to treat me like an idiot because I have a foreign accent. Needless to say I reported his ass, turns out more people had the same problem with him


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By  twinsrback  |  0

that happened to me too at a college football game, it sucks indeed afterwards I found the cop and asked him he said "if it is questionable then it's probably illegal"...

  TinyEMT  |  6

You do realize that cops get paid whether or not they write a ticket or not? It's not like they work off commision. Granted, I'm sure they could lose their job if they don't write tickets at all..but it's not like they'd have a hard time writing someone a ticket that actually deserves one, unlike OP. The cop they asked may have accidently answered incorrectly and another cop came along and wrote OP a ticket. People make mistakes. Not all cops are "bad guys" as most people seem to think.