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Today, I got a parking ticket for parking in my neighbors' parking spot. I parked there because my neighbors were parked in my parking spot. FML
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Well that is stupid, you could dispute the ticket if you have evidence they were in your spot, like a pictute.


Usually when someone takes my parking spot I go Rent a crane and lift the car and set it upside down in their spot. Then I leave I smiley face sticker note on it.

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I can understand you getting a parking ticket if your neighbour is handicapped, but if not then that's ridiculous.

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If you're going to park a car and get a ticket at least make some impact like parking it on his lawn or in his house/apt

What if their neighbor was the one that reported them parked in their parking space?!! This sounds like a mess.

Well that is stupid, you could dispute the ticket if you have evidence they were in your spot, like a pictute.

He wrote park like six times in that whole thing.

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Having someone park in your spot does not give you free reign to park anywhere in a lot of reserved parking spaces without penalty. OP should have contacted someone when he first saw that his stall was taken. He could have informed the neighbour and asked them to move. He could have spoken to the building manager about it. He could have called By-law officers/parking authority on his neighbour. He could have called a tow truck if he really needed to. He had plenty of legal options, but he decided instead to be a passive aggressive dick and park illegally in his neighbours spot, therefore making himself completely deserving of a parking ticket.

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Wow, seven sentences split into two paragraphs is just too much for your tiny mind to comprehend I guess. Your mother must be so proud. TL;DR? You're a moron.

Well unless your neighbor got a ticket to, id go punch them IN THE FACE!

No #40, but people have the complete right to disagree with you. Please get off your high horse...

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What high horse? And what disagreement? Stating "too long, didn't read" is not any sort of disagreement in opinion, it's a statement of laziness and idiocy.

40 - OP probably didn't do that because he/she didn't want to come across as a whining b*tch. "Normal people" would think: no problem I'll just park in their spot for now, instead of calling the authorities or something like that. At least that's what I'd think. Of course asking them to move it would have been a good option, but apparently OP didn't think that to be necessary. Obviously he/she was mistaken though.

Razzed, I agree with your first post. However, that doesn't mean you have to insult people for thumbing down your post. IMO, your later thumbs down should be viewed as a lesson, not a punishment.

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I insulted that person because they felt the need to respond to my post with nothing more than "tl;dr". That reply was deleted after I first responded, so now it doesn't really flow properly with the thread. I really don't care how unpopular my opinion is, but I take issue with people who feel the need to come into a discussion forum for the express purpose of announcing how intellectually lazy they are.

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I read it, Razzed, and I get what you are saying. However, normal people do not think that the army has to be called in over a parking spot. Some people would throw a fit, dent the neighbors car, curse their children, leave dead animals on their stoop and be a jerk until the end of time. I respect that Op found the more decent solution and parked in the neighbors parking spot, since hey... they were in his spot. That said, the post is useful I suppose for those who feel the need to waste a lot of energy over a parking spot (some people feel the need to.) However, Op might have been in a hurry or tired, and not really care. Now they have learned their lesson and will likely do as you advised in the future so they don't get a ticket.

If i were you i would had put the ticket on their car

I meant as in they should pay for it i should have been more clear.

I still don't think it works that way..

As I think 12 tried to say, I'm pretty sure parking tickets are a little more personalised then "you owe the city ___$". They record license plate etc so you can't just go around putting them on other cars. I hope you haven't tried this ;).

I'm sensing another Hatfield vs. McCoy feud starting. Except this time with lawyers and police rather than good ol' rifles and shotguns.

Lawyers ARE more deadly than rifles and shotguns. Their little fangs stick into your wallet and soul. Simultaneously.

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This October Universal Studios Productions brings you Vampire Lawyers. Hannah Who was just a normal girl, paying off her college loans, living the high life of ramen noodles and microwavable meals. No one would have suspected that she was once the victim of a Vampire Lawyer. This is a true story, this is Hannah's story about the Vampire Lawyer who took all her money and put her in debt.

Just because someone else does something wrong like park in the wrong spot doesn't mean you should too.

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most likely, they didn't have anywhere else to park. Some places, especially apartment buildings are notorious for having too few parking spots. They get a kickback from the towing company and the private firms they use to write people tickets.

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But if his neighbor was parked in his spot, where else is he expected to park? 10- You beat me to it :(

Ah. Okay. So...where did you expect the OP to park? On top of his neighbor's car?

There is always somewhere else to park. Just because your neighbor is breaking a rule doesn't mean you have to do so as well.

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10, 11, & 18 are right. They all might have assigned spots to park.

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Firecopy, that is not true. I lived in an apartment for almost all of my life. We got one spot, there are three guest spots in the front but two of them are handicapped parking spots and the other one was taken over by the office manager years ago. There was literally one parking spot for each apartment and it caused a lot of problems with people having friends over, because they would have to park in the grocery store parking lot. That said, if someone parks in our spot we call the tow company because we arent going to park our car two blocks away because someone's guest is too special to park somewhere else.

HannahWho, your comment agrees with mine. The main overlying message is that you don't park in someone else's spot. Whether you want to park 2 blocks away or not is fine by me. However, you don't steal someone's spot. That would be rude.

Make your neighbor pay it. Technically it is their fault that you were in that situation.

That is one of the stupidest things I've heard in a long time. Your neighbor is an asshole, clearly, and I really do hope they get what they deserve. I would be pretty pissed off at my neighbor if they parked in my spot forcing me to find somewhere else and resulting in me getting a ticket and not them (I'm assuming they didn't or else this would be a very lame FML)

Why don't you tell your neighbor to move his car so you get your parking spot back.

Looks like I need to dust off the Idiot-English Translation Engine here. *whir* *bzzz* *click* *DING* "What the hell? Did your neighbour get a ticket too? Because if not, you can fight that. Only ******* and assholes use punctuation." I don't write them, I just translate them. You're welcome.