By Anonymous - 20/12/2015 08:25

Today, my now ex-fiancée confessed that "our" child is most likely actually hers and my father's. FML
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What kind of parent would even do that? It's sick.

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Oh, wow. Sorry man, good job she's your ex then!

For real! That's crazy. People like that are so disgusting. Smh

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Sounds like something they'd say in GTA...

Congrats on your new brother? :/ Seriously though, that's horrible!

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That's the understatement of the year

What kind of parent would even do that? It's sick.

If this happened to me, I would be tempted to barf. ******* disgusting. I would cut off my ex and disown my mother (in my case, since I'm female). I'm so sorry OP. I can't even imagine how you feel.

technically your spouse could still sleep with your father, they would just be bi/pan/experimenting/etc.

Yeah but I am straight, meaning my partner would be male. How could a child be birthed if he were to hook up with my dad? I thought about it before commenting. I said "mother" for that reason.

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#84 That isn't what bi or pan sexual means. That's just sick. Better to know before you married her. Dad better start paying child support. Future mother, gross. its all too screwed up to think about and its your future half bro forever. Never take it out on the kid. Dump them both and keep the kid and raise it as however you like your bro or son. Poor kid has some seriously screwed up folks but twisted sick crap like that happens more often than we realize.

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Obviously, the child would be his half-sibling...

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well, that would be his half sibling, fiance's don't count as step parents... fully messed up mother and grandpa/biological father.

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Lucky to be her ex instead of her husband

I'm so sorry to hear, OP. You did the right thing by breaking up with her. I hope you had a long talk with your dad too. I also hope the kid actually turns out to be yours.

I don't. Then he'll be forever tied to the mother. If it's his sibling then he can at least ignore the woman.

I'd get them both out of my life, the dads just as guilty as the girl, though in my opinion he's worse. He put lust over his own kid.

People are going to need to wear hazmat suits to future family reunions deal with the lethal levels of awkwardness.

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Goodbye child...Hello brother!

Wow, that's horrible. I am really sorry your ex-fiancée and father would do that to you. Not that it makes it any better but at least you didn't marry her yet. :/