Car Wars

By no car - 04/08/2020 17:04

Today, I came outside to leave for work. To my shock and horror my car was gone. My asshole neighbor, who has parked in my spot multiple times decided to let her noisy guests park in my parking spot, so I parked in hers. She had my car towed. FML
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Kimberley Michelle Whitley 15

Get all their cars towed.

Tow theirs every single time from now on.


Kimberley Michelle Whitley 15

Get all their cars towed.

I would no longer be patient or kind with this neighbor. I would start documenting and towing the cars in your spot.

I see, since she did the asshole move of letting her guest park in your spot, you did the asshole move of parking in hers? Then, she upped the game and had you towed. Buddy, you've been out-assholed! Rookie assholes like you need to know what they're up against when they take on the veterans!

YDI due to not having stood up for your own parking. You pay rent and therefore have a right to park. I have kicked people out of my spot many times. This has resulted in people swearing at me, keying my vehicle and even trying to hit me with their cars. I have never assumed I could park in another tenant's spot. This time you were wrong and you recieved what you should have done at the beginning.

Tow theirs every single time from now on.

samomaha 17

In the middle of the winter, in the wee hours of the morning, pour a five gallon bucket of steaming hot water on the pavement around their car. It will turn to sheet ice and prevent walking in that area. Better, pour several layers throughout the night. And maybe inject a little into the car door licks using a diabetes syringe needle! In the interest of legality, do not do this. (but really, do it!)

So start getting her car towed when its in your spot. YDI

get the bitch and all of her guests towed