By mickstinator - 25/06/2009 15:37 - United States

Today, I was parking my car outside of my apartment, but the big truck next to the spot went over the line. I squeezed in anyway. Later, I discovered the truck had left and someone keyed my car. They left a note saying, "Good parking job, asshole." FML
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lancerevo 0

I ******* hate ass holes like that with their big truck they think they are special

find his truck and slash his tire


lancerevo 0

I ******* hate ass holes like that with their big truck they think they are special

lmmmr 0

Agreed. Ugh, there is no reason for a vehicle to be that large. It's just a physical manifestation of the driver's ego and insecurities.

lolzforfun228 3

Big truck. Tiny dick.

interruptive_cow 0

Or maybe they have a boat/RV/trailer that they pull. Or maybe they haul lumber/plants/messy things. In reality, there are plenty of reasons to have a big truck. It's kind of ignorant to assume that no one needs a truck just because you don't need a truck. So I'll be happy in my Prius and if someone else wants to go buy an F250 that's their business. To each his own.

cuts28 0

says the self righteous Prius owner.

noName123456 0

agree with number 60 there are plenty of reasons to have a truck RV boat trailer dirt bikes snowmobiles atv's or mabey hes just a redneck and likes to go offroad either way why the hell does it matter if he wants a big truck, thats his decison and it dosent affect you and number 62 number 60 obvioulsy isnt the steriotypical self rightous prius owner he is probably just some guy who has no need for a large vehicle and wants a car with good gas mileage

troyboyd05 0

70 are you saying anyone who owns a truck and a boat are rednecks? I go off road in several ways: snowboarding, scuba diving, boating, plenty of ways. You're just an ignorant ****.

80- No, they were saying lots of reasons, or that they could just be a redneck who goes offroad. They didn't mean offroad like just driving off the road to get somewhere, they meant it as OFFROADING. Which is something, typically, only "rednecks" do. it's different.

80- Also, where the **** do you live where you cand rive your truck to a place and go snowboarding or scuba diving!? The two aren't exactly in the same climate..

EriccaLuv 0

86- it's called traveling

usnwife 18

Actually, here on the coast in WA mountains are an easy drive away for snowboarding, and though the water is a bit cold with a dry suit (or a wetsuit and a tough ass attitude) scuba diving is gorgeous. I could easily do both in the same weekend. And just because you have use for a truck doesn't mean you have to have some huge ass truck that takes up 5 parking spots. And if you do have one that big, don't be a jerk, actually park it in the back where its causing an inconvenience to everyone else.

bosco_kk 0

Those truck drivers park in front of my house. And I always think they want to kill us and block the view :D lol

bambition7 0

wow whoever did that was crazy that wasnt even your fault some people in the owrld seriously need lives

im thinkin someone else put that note on the truck, he thought it was OP and left it back on his car and keyed it

And, why didn't you just find a different parking spot? Instead of boxing the guy on the OTHER side of you in?

Most likely their wasn't any other parking spaces left to park in. So the person was forced to park there.

dontaskdonttell 0

Or it's like the parking lot in my old appartments, assigned parking spaces. If you weren't in your spot you could get towed.

curryndricegirll 0

If you did it to just park closer to somewhere. YDI If you had to FYL, but I would have expected it to happen. I mean, I would have at least expected a scratch in my car from the other guys car door...I would have at least taken the time to get down the license plate number before it happened.

rustyrox 0

Wow ghetto! Who keys cars over parking, or anything for that matter. See if you can find out who owned the truck?

I don't think it was the truck owner that keyed his car so finding him won't solve anything

find his truck and slash his tire

coldplaylive2003 0

Key someone elses car so you'll feel better

Ugh, what a jerk. FYL indeed.

It was his apartment. Usually there are designated spots. l2think.