By dreefsa - 05/02/2012 08:08 - United States

Today, some guy hit my car and then threatened to sue me for "parking my car in such a way that it was impossible not to hit it." My car was in the driveway. FML
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I just hate stupid people...

Tell him he's a fucking idiot. And threaten to sue him for being stupid enough to hit a parked car. Escpecially one IN YOUR DRIVEWAY.


I just hate stupid people...

They never sieze to amaze me

perdix 29

cease The word you incorrectly chose should be spelled "seize."

Thank you good sir

Just get an axe and chop his head off and then sue him because his head was in a place here it was impossible not to cut

Or, he could've meant "cease." I think that fits better.

41- Do you have difficulty reading?

People these days.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

The low intelligence of people these days makes me sad.

Yay I'm not the dumbass here, thanks 41!

ThisIsMyReign 4

That man deserves a punch in the mouth, eyes, and hands.

and it's ALWAYS someone elses fault, according to them

I've never seen someone grateful to a SPaG nazi for correcting them. I choose to believe that it was sincere, because that warms my heart and makes me laugh.

TheLonelyPoet 0

Can you say imbecile?

Viciousstorms 7

Yeah, it's easier to pronounce than it looks.

Are you making fun of my accent?

No I can't say it! *bursts into tears*

Tell him he's a fucking idiot. And threaten to sue him for being stupid enough to hit a parked car. Escpecially one IN YOUR DRIVEWAY.

fromoverthere 7

well it IS in California...

That's one thing in the world we can't fix. Stupidity

6- We have a saying at my workplace when we are approached with a ridiculous problem, it's just about our department slogan at this point: "Sorry Sir, we can't fix stupid." And considering how often we are asked to do just that, it's become a bit of a long-running joke. :) And of course, we'll idiot-proof it again, and viola, a super idiot finds a way to bugger it all up once again :)

You must be a cop

Hahaha. Now we're talking!!!

65- Lol, sorry, not even close. :)

lkrunner101 7

People r so stupid.. Same thing happened to me fyl op

perdix 29

It may cost you more to successfully defend yourself in this idiot's lawsuit than it would to admit your liability right away. FYL.

I'm really sorry Perdix, but what does your picture mean exactly?

Perdix, if the defendant wins as they would in this case the plaintiff must cover the costs of the defendant, and put him into a state as of the accident had never happened, i.e. paying for repairs. OP, do not admit liability to save money...

perdix 29

#91, it's a parody of the Homeland Security Terror Threat Level chart. #112 is right. Do not take legal advice from me -- the consequences of doing so can end up in yet another FML. Today, I went to jail for violating the restraining order my ex-boyfriend took out on me. perdix told me that he really wanted me to continue following him. FML.

Let him waste his money trying the counter claim for trespassing....if it was your driveway

Should've told him you'd sue for harassment. That's pretty ridicuous of him to say that to you, especially since your car was in your driveway -.- like someone said before, you can't fix stupid.

Woooow what a dumb ass

pittpsu75 0

Sue him for "being a complete dumbass"