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  Dracoboxer357  |  35

6- We have a saying at my workplace when we are approached with a ridiculous problem, it's just about our department slogan at this point: "Sorry Sir, we can't fix stupid." And considering how often we are asked to do just that, it's become a bit of a long-running joke. :)
And of course, we'll idiot-proof it again, and viola, a super idiot finds a way to bugger it all up once again :)


Perdix, if the defendant wins as they would in this case the plaintiff must cover the costs of the defendant, and put him into a state as of the accident had never happened, i.e. paying for repairs. OP, do not admit liability to save money...

  perdix  |  29

#91, it's a parody of the Homeland Security Terror Threat Level chart.

#112 is right. Do not take legal advice from me -- the consequences of doing so can end up in yet another FML. Today, I went to jail for violating the restraining order my ex-boyfriend took out on me. perdix told me that he really wanted me to continue following him. FML.

By  Dark__Angel66  |  24

Should've told him you'd sue for harassment. That's pretty ridicuous of him to say that to you, especially since your car was in your driveway -.- like someone said before, you can't fix stupid.