By Volume_control - 10/11/2009 14:41 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were having it off in his den, I screamed at the height of my climax, and from the family room came the roaring laughter of my boyfriend's brothers. FML
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my name is S.Morales and I go by smorales. awesome

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You should learn to do a more convincing fake ******. They'd be turned on by real cries of passion, but your act is so clownishly fraudulent, they burst into howls of laughter.

sometimes you are just rude and is really that uncommon for women to scream,,, idk,,, virgin and damn proud of it

You would not know that women scream when they are actually having sex then, Ms. Madam. I don't make noises when I whack off. But I do when I secks.

sounds like you've never made a girl scream perdix, fyl

I think you all just missed the point of his comment. People these days... *sigh*

I'm actually going to have to agree with Perdix here. You were providing them all with comic relief.

his den? how old are you? they probably thought you were playing

it's not a play room dumbass, it's a normal room kinda like an office

YDI because 1) you should have made sure you were alone and 2) sounds like you were faking an ****** calm down on the theatrics

YDI, atleast you gave them a good show, oh and of course STFU you'll live

your own fault for not checking the house BEFORE you got it on. YDI, tough luck

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Come on I hate when girls do that crap! You wanted people to hear or else u wouldnt have done that so stop complaining! not an FML