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Today, I got chewed out by a parent for putting her kid underwater. I teach swim lessons. FML
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Wizardo 33

Sounds like her brain is water logged. Don't hold your breath and dive into the deep end with this one, dangerous and annoying waters.

Apparently nobody bothered to "tech" you how to spell.


Wizardo 33

Sounds like her brain is water logged. Don't hold your breath and dive into the deep end with this one, dangerous and annoying waters.

how dare OP teach a kid something he might love later on in his life, create a passion for, or become a hobby. just downright shameful.

Then again if the kid was being a brat the parent was right to consider drowning an option...

Dipping a child under water is part of the lessons. Its literally dipping them under and bringing them back up, so their heads get wet. My nephew had to do it, along with everyone in his swim class, and actually he loved it.

You obviously weren't doing your job right! You tech kids how to swim, not sink!

Apparently nobody bothered to "tech" you how to spell.

VengeanceChicken 12

We can tech him. We have the technology.

I think it's for helping them overcome the fear of having their head underwater and ultimately not be afraid to swim. I'm sure the instructor, OP, was holding onto them and the parent just panicked, acted protective and acted irrationally towards OP

football98_fml 20

I dont know why number 6 got downvoted, i found what she said pretty funny

It's called drown proofing. But I guess if the parents like drowning that's their own business. Not that I have ever met someone alive who has really experienced it.

Drown proofing? The kid isn't a Navy SEAL... (For those who don't know, drown proofing is Phase 2 of SEAL training - BUD/S).

its called teaching your child to swim. every now and then while swimming you will go under the water. it doesn't mean your drowning. Idk why he is getting down votes. he was using sarcasm pretty heavily

#44 I'm sure it is but they also have a process for babies/toddlers. But I mean you go in a pool, expect to get wet! Poor OP!

It's not called drown proofing. It's called going underwater, and a kid has to do it 3 times in a set of lessons to pass. If you really want to make lessons sound epic, call swimming lessons in general "down proofing".

my daughter has been doing swimming lessons since she was 5 months old, and has been dunked under the water since then. it helps to teach them to hold their breath. although it's normally the parent swimming with the child unless they are older or do private lessons I guess.

It amazes me how many people failed to sense your sarcasm...

I saw your sarcasm #2, even if no one else did.

orbit 22

#13, #6, I'm a tech head so I often misspell "teach" when on a mobile device because of the amount of times I type out "tech". Good one #13.

Olliebob1619 13

Some people are just totally irrational. I hope you didn't get in any trouble.

VengeanceChicken 12

Honestly, what else could she have expected from a swim instructor? It's not like you're gonna purposely drown the kid, sheesh.

Why was the kid underwater in the first place I dont't know why you put them there unless you were teaching him how to dive and swim underwater

how are you supposed to swim without being underwater?

Umm...I'm pretty sure you can swim with your head above know...

42, That's not really swimming, it's paddling... if you want maxium speed and energy conservation, you're gonna have to get your face under the surface one way or another.

When I was about 4 I started swimming lessons. My mum said I use to swim backstroke with my head under the water and smiling. I remember them telling us to put our heads under the water and come back up. I was always under the water, just because I liked it. You have to put your head in the water at some point...just not backstroke! :P

Thatguy334 7

#50, the usmc would beg to differ. There are many varieties of swimming techniques that do not require the head to go underwater

Seriously..? Did you read the FML? OP is a swim instructor. Usually, you need to be able to go underwater 3 times to pass, and just hold your breath in general.

I think it depends how old the child was? Maybe your teaching method is just something she's never experienced before! But it's not like you forced the child underwater, you probably just made them dip there head underneath and tried making them swim that way. Parents are crazy protective of their children, understandably! Don't worry OP, keep doing your job!

nesteremily 31

People are idiots. If I were you I wouldn't give her child swim lessons anymore

abbii_7 8

YDI, you teach swim lessons. not sink lessons

VengeanceChicken 12

Going under is part of the program. You know, because your face is going to be submerged half the time.

Pretty sure one needs to understand how to behave whilst submerged in order to NOT sink. Which brings us back to swimming.

#12, can you stop telling OP how to do their job? I'm sure you don't do swim lessons.

If she didn't want her kid in water then she shouldn't have signed him/her up for swimming lessons. FYL for doing ur job op.

badluckalex 23

da stoopidity uf sum peeple ai sware...

badluckalex 23

It was a joke... a very bad one I guess. :/

Dolan jokes have never been funny.