By ClosetMishap - Canada
Today, I told my friends I had been hiding something that I wanted to come clean on. My one friend responds by saying, "FINALLY you come out of the closet. It's about time." I'm not gay. I was just going to tell them my parents were getting a divorce. FML
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  MikeHawke  |  0

Maybe you should stop giving out complimentary blow jobs behind TGI Fridays on the weekends.
Or, maybe you're just a fucking pussy and they assumed you loved it up the ass. That'd also explain why you were too afraid to tell them about your parents divorce, which isn't something you really need to hide.

But seriously, if you want people to think you're straight, stop sucking all those damn dicks.

  FarSide  |  22

After being nonchalantly tagged about being gay, he did not have the nerves to really admit he was a pedophile.

Little wonder your parents are getting divorced... they are distraught over your lifestyle.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Yeah, many people don't like to talk about their home lives, even with friends. That's how we get those stories of abused children committing suicide and nobody seeing it coming... they didn't say anything to anyone.
OP, bottling up isn't a good idea at all. If it's bothering you, you need to talk to someone.

  hahaha6  |  0

Well, yes, I can understand not feeling comfortable sharing all personal info/ or home life problems... I guess it was just the wording. The phrases "hiding something" and "wanting to come clean" makes it seem... yes, i guess "off-putting" is a good word.

  WTWNNIL  |  0

Um why are there so many homophobes on this site? That includes the OP, why is it FML that your friends thought you were gay? Oh right being gay is SO bad that my life must be fucked up... yeah...


I agree. sure, i guess when people say you r gay to a man it means your girly, but people don't need to leave so many offensive comments, im not gay but it isn't the right word to say gay as in stupid or something.