By Wwiimaniac - 25/06/2012 14:05 - United States - Dallas

Today, I finally achieved the perfect hourglass figure. Too bad I'm a guy. FML
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dankpotatoes 2

Don't complain. Most girls would kill to be your size!


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leyylalala 1

16-Don't even get me STARTED on sun dials.

But I love seeing the pretty sand sprinkle down to the bottom! And when you flip, it starts all over again!

Oh yeah babe, keep talking. You know what I like

30 why did you have to mention sundials? I hate those wretched things. I still haven't figured out how to set them for daylight savings time.

TxCountryBeauty 10

Heyyyyy shmexy! Yea you over there with the bottle figure!

How does him having an hourglass shape infer he has mantits?

sambo1andonly 5

Lol how do you have a reverse hourglass It's the same shape when you flip it xD

cassiebear7652 7

Instead of out in out it's in out in. Derp.

jestersshadow 0

When i need to know the time, i take out my phone and use it as a sundial

TwiztedYuri 9

need to talk to EpicMealTime. that can fix that

syley 5

Excellent. Eat plenty of food and you will soon evolve from an hourglass to a stopwatch.

OMFG I kinda have the same problem you just do shot load of cardio

gracevet88 0

Cheeseburger with bacon, onion rings, and cheddar cheese

I would say eat but in all honesty it doesn't work xD 5 pan au chocolate for breakfast and a croissant to finnish it off daily and still being underweight proves this theory! xD

dankpotatoes 2

Don't complain. Most girls would kill to be your size!

Dr0reos 8

plus you could always go gay if it comes to that.

I was actually almost positive this was from one of the Kardashians, while reading it.

jacquesromualdez 12

But then there's the issue of guys going up to OP saying "Dat ass... cot looks great on you bro"

dankpotatoes 2

Haha no i'm not a kardashian!(:

JustDerpin 11

The only thing I wanna trade is Pokémon :D

Hell idc what gender i would change my stopwatch figure for an hour glass figure anyday =))

111 was talking about which generation of Pokemon. The only one that matters- first.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

Ugh, the fool genwunners are even infecting FML. Gross.

MindFreakazoid 10

Aw don't worry, OP! There's always working out and all that! Keep trying :)

insertnameherr 11

I'm pretty sure that's what got him there in the first place.

MindFreakazoid 10

No I meant to get more muscle and if that doesn't work, just eat more food :D food is a fantastic problem solver

fylx100 19

It could be a type of disease he has. My boyfriend is skinny because he had malrotation of the intentines and smas. He finally had surgery to fix it last Wednesday!! So he most likely tried not getting that way.

TarieBoo 2

90: have you seen a hourglass figure?

Its okay OP! You can now work those hips any time. Many people would kill to have your shape and are probally ticked and jealous at you.

aleeshttylXD 9

what's up with all these pony pics..

MLP all the way :) loving all my fellow pagasisters and bronies on FML :)

As long as you got meat where it counts, you're okay.

For a guy from Texas that is quite an accomplishment.

I'm from Texas, how the **** is that an accomplishment?

Texas is known to have a high percentage of obese citizens. Therefore, he was saying how it's an accomplishment that he is so skinny in such a commonly obeise surrounding.

You don't have to be skinny to be an hourglass

Exactly. I'm kind of thick (not fat, just not skinny) and I just have a natural hourglass figure. Skinny people usually don't have them too often.