By random - 08/06/2013 04:42 - United States - El Paso

Today, at the gym, my boobs were jiggling more than the girl next to me. This would be a good thing, if I wasn't a guy. FML
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flashback.miss 28

Well you are going to the gym, wich means you are working on your weight and you will be in shape before you know it!


flashback.miss 28
perdix 29

For guys, it's called a "Bro" or "The Man-siere."

shift_love 13

Exactly what I came here to say. Good job #1

He shouldnt be ashamed! Own them man ****!

Since the main reason to wear a sports bra is to protect you from fissures in the connective tissue and simmilar injuries, this is actually good advice. Keep up the good work #1.

kim_larsa 5

I agree he needs to work those moobs! Hell, ill let him motorboat!

His jugs bring all the boys to the yard lol at least he is working on getting rid of them though

Well you are going to the gym, wich means you are working on your weight and you will be in shape before you know it!

As long as he actually "works out". A friend of mine goes to the gym an hour a day, with 40 minutes devoted to texting and calling people.

perdix 29

#12, I'll bet his thumbs are totally ripped!!!

If his boobs are jiggling, it's most likely because he's moving.

PimpdaddyCJT 13

What are we talking about here B cups or C cups?

Are you Recruiting "PimpDaddy" Wuhahaha

What's so great about jiggling boobs??? I think it's embarrassing!

It's not a good thing as a women when your boobs are jiggling.

jimbob_76592 5

I like jiggly boobs. No problem in that

To be fair, a woman's boobs shouldn't be jiggling through exercise either. It can tear the tissue if the sport is too rigorous. :O

Too much boob jiggling when you're exercising gets *painful*, that's why it's a bad thing.

That's exactly what I was thinking. The creepers closer when the jugs jiggle.

hawright 13

I believe OP was looking at this from a heterosexual males point of view. The jiggly boobs would be a nice sight to admire from this perspective, unless the jiggly boobs were on another male.

personally I like seeing womens boobs jiggle/bounce at the gym. although I find it annoying when mine do.

boobsarefun 4

yes it is. boobs are ****** awesome, even though I'm a virgin and have never touched any

- Film with a high speed camera - put it on YouTube - ??? - profit

iLike2Teabag 27

Because everybody loves seeing that, eh?

Well this should serve as great motivation to keep eating clean and working out.

Good on you for going to the gym though! Acknowledging that you have an issue and then working towards making it better is a very positive thing! Hold your head high and then bask in the accomplishment as you achieve your weight loss goals!

I hear shake it fast but watch yourself in my head right now.