Overthinking it

By omgreally91 - 12/10/2011 23:39 - United States

Today, I spent an hour photoshopping my face onto super skinny models as inspiration for a diet. FML
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If that's what really motivates you, then I see nothing wrong.

Wow.. Please get some help. Btw, super skinny models are frowned upon these days. Just get healthy. Not skinny.


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How about you photoshop a beer in my hand and be useful OP.

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Yeah, but at least he's getting motivated to go on a diet. That's step one. I congratulate you, OP, you're making a decision that will help you for the rest o your life :)

What's wrong about that? Gives you a target to work towards

Awe OP, your probably beautiful just the way you are..yeah maybe some shallow guys wont like you cause your body is not "perfect" in their eyes, but one day you find a guy that loves you just the way you are. Dont change for anybody but yourself

Cause it's like eff a hour of walking right?

94, I think that's the smartest thing I have read on FML

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Maybe you should get off the computer and run some laps

If that's what really motivates you, then I see nothing wrong.

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I see something wrong with you holding your **** like a ******

Yeah. Like for me I have my goal weight on my door and a picture of a United State Marine on my door. That's my motivation. It's cause I suck at photoshop

Is this just an excuse for not going to the gym?

Wow.. Please get some help. Btw, super skinny models are frowned upon these days. Just get healthy. Not skinny.

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Yes, what happened to the morbidly obese models.

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24 u fat now? If u are, don't eat yourself !!

Ah, I'm sad that girls still want to be extremely skinny when healthy always looks better anyways.. Being a chubster when I was in middle school and early high school, I can relate but I just decided to start eating better and getting out more. Victoria's Secret models- perfect example of healthy.

#47, I am sorry but V.S. models are not healthy unless it is healthy to not know the long term effects of newly designed beauty treatments, botox for example was once all the rage until discovered it's really unhealthy, and pump them into their skin. Also only one I have seen to date looks healthy, the Brazilian one with the boobs. If you're in H.S. i guess they look healthy, and that is why they are not considered real women. #33, people may thumb you down but I did that irl. When I started falling off my diet after losing 108 lbs and gaining back fifteen I felt really bad, like horrible. My mom sent me a pic of old me from a few years ago to make me feel better. I have lost weight since. OP, we all do that.... oh wait no just you sorry. I have a genetic disorder that makes me gain weight and I did it, no surgery no diet pills. You wanna know the real trick pm me, I don't want to post up here with the hateraters. BTW, my wish is to be as thin as them too, one of my absolute biggest wishes. Then I realizes wishes are just that, wishes. I will never have small enough bones to look like them, and it's kinda hard to lose bone weight, so I deal. You'll have to too. Find a more realistic standard. I got a friend who happened to be model thin, but we went to see a physical trainer and I was told I could diet and exercise as long and hard as I wanted but it wasn't gonna happen. Surrounding yourself with people you want to emulate I found to be key. Oh and for everyone that said men don't like the model thin type, my model thin friend I mentioned earlier is vastly more popular with men than any other woman I know including myself. They don't just like it, for most (not all) of them it's their wish to have a girl like that, or movie stars would still look like Monroe.

Hmm...maybe she's just more popular with the guys because she has a better personality? Unless she literally goes out in a fat suit and all of a sudden all the guys flee you can't attribute her attractiveness on her waistline alone. I fully agree with acknowledging your biological limits, yet not using it as an excuse to not work hard to be healthy. But a skinny supermodel should never be anyone's inspiration. For all we know OP is actually quite healthy now and is staring at images of women with their skin taut over their ribcage.

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55, thumbs down for the overly long comment. ? It's so long, I couldn't hit the thumbs down button.

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There should be more models the size of Marilyn Monroe. She's was a goddess as well as a plus size.

There seems to be a correlation between women who are above average weight and skewed beliefs on what a healthy weight is. Please end the obnoxious ramblings on those who maintain their weight and clarify to us what you deem to be a healthy weight. Not a fan of the skinny bashing when it's so predictable who's playing doctor.

#55. your story made me tired after the first sentence.

i agree... i dated a larger girl, who was absolutely beautiful, and healthy. she was nowhere near being overweight or underweight. she must be bulimic or anorexic, since she is so skinny now, and she looks terrible.

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That's just going to make you depressed. I'm not saying you can't lose the weight, but staring at those photoshopped pictures is just going to make you more willing to reach for the ice cream. Or the Cheetos. Ugh, that's a lovely combination, isn't it?

Which type of Cheetos these are questions that need to be asked?

Now try photoshopping ur chances of getting laid ;D

Your just awful at this thing aren't you?

#7 must have probably failed trying to photoshop himself getting laid. I'm sorry #7 but could you please refrain from spreading your stupidity to others? Tyvm.

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In all your comments your a dick. Go look in the mirror, I'm sure you have a harder time getting laid than her:)

The hour spent on editing could have been spent on exercising while looking at a pic of a model...

OP needed something to help her get motivated to start exercising. Nothing's wrong with that. Just a headstart!

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You do know the photos were already Photoshopped, right? Pictures of models are never left as they are. Please don't hold yourself to an impossible standard. Focus on your health and not your weight.

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Yeah seriously nobody expects you to look like a fake, over edited super model. Stop dreaming about getting fit and do it. The lack of will power in people these days is sad.

Hmm, at the same time as you where filling out your profile on match.com...coincidence? I think not! js