By Anonymous - 10/02/2012 16:12 - United States

Today, I noticed that I have gained enough weight to give me back boobs. FML
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shanemaximo 7

Well look on the bright side, now you have a backup pair.

Now you going to need a Bra for the front and the back.


Pics or gtfo

shanemaximo 7

Well look on the bright side, now you have a backup pair.

Pixxio_O 11 slap the people behind her with

Wear a shirt that's low on both sides

I keep thinking the fml is saying she got back the boobs that she lost, which would be a good thing. Maybe there should be a hyphen in there. Back-boobs. Idk, grammar nazis, any suggestions?

30 - I thought the exact same thing! This I a poorly worded FML.

I love the irony of 39 making a mistake! OP it's not that bad, as long as the front ones are bigger!

I think I saw op at Walmart

Pics or it didnt happen

Aww poor you. I probably have enough for 3 sets of boobs.

beLlEve 0

when you don't get enough support from your push-up, always go for your back-up.

20 - Double V-Neck! :D hahaha

66- can I have a set?

Snafuusmc 12

Alright! Go boobs!

csickcman 11

Agreed! Boobs are boobs...

Did you grow back nipples too? They ain't boobs until then.

You should tattoo on some nipples

camel humps was the first thing that came to my mind. That's not weird at all right???

dcg1375 7

^^ what??!!!

Now you going to need a Bra for the front and the back.

I preferred reading it as "you", it made me read it in a funny accent. :D

I love the like-minded people on this site. Like reading "got back boobs" as "got boobs back" or this one. Sir, I commend you for speaking my mind.

Oh, pardon, sir or madam. Force of habit. My bad.

If you misspell, people freak. If you correct yourself, people still freak because you should have left it wrong to sound funnier. You can't win.

Give me some!

I mean weight; not back boobs.

Oh.. I thought you meant a high-five. Ya know, when you diss somebody and then you're like "Gimme some! ;)" and hold out your hand for a high-five... Buttt... Why would you want weight or back boobs? Lol.

Oh I've just been trying to gain weight. I thought I'd take some off her hands... Or back.

dva976 7

Umm, at least your partner will have something to hold on to.

Yeah cause someone's gonna wanna hit THAT.

95 - You'd be surprised. Some people are into that stuff

Double the fun!

The merry-go-around of boobs!

Dude one word DIET

EvilCupcake8361 9

Two words..

musicluvr2000 11

2 pairs are better than 1

Ah, a hard choice: boobs are blubber. You should get those skinny implants all the jersey shore girls get! They use top quality paradox technology!!!