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Today, I was watching a movie alone, after receiving a text from my boyfriend saying that his grandma was at the hospital, so he couldn't go with me. I caught him on a date with another girl, at the same movie screening that I went to. FML
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Sit behind them and throw popcorn in his other girlfriend's hair.

Let's just say that your now ex isn't the sharpest tool in the box. It's a good thing that you caught that idiot, you dodged a bullet.


Let's just say that your now ex isn't the sharpest tool in the box. It's a good thing that you caught that idiot, you dodged a bullet.

xoconnie 8

what a f-ing retard! i cant believe he went to the same theater, let alone the same movie that u guys were going to go to. FYL but its better to find out sooner than later man.

I don't get why people just don't break up if they are going to cheat. Or at least go to another city to not get caught

75-Exactly I don't get cheating either, if your in a relationship you should commit to it and if you find another person then break up with your current boyfriend/girlfriend

AppallingRogue 2

75 and 35-Though I have never cheated myself and hate that anyone would do it, I get that a person can like more than one person at a time. I've been in that situation before but I grew a pair and chose who I really wanted to be with. Cheating is never the answer and anyone who does it deserves to be forever alone.

146, I think it becomes more complicated in the case of long term marriage. If you've been married for 20+ years then it's not the same scenario as a 2 year relationship for instance. Too many people don't understand that people will change over time, and that things aren't really as black and white as they seem. You can't hold someone to the same standard their entire life, and while I realise that marriage vows are taken too lightly, the reality is that life and marriage shouldn't be a form of punishment or test of character. I realise this had very little to do with the scenario here, I was merely stating that all instances of cheating shouldn't be judged the same way.

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75--"at least go to another city and not get caught" ?! Wtf. How about not being a cheating dickwad in the first place? That way they wouldn't have to worry about "getting caught"?

Sit behind them and throw popcorn in his other girlfriend's hair.

flashback.miss 28

better yet, suck on candy then throw it at them so it can stuck in their hair. (NOT speaking from experience) But, seriously what an idiot. Using his grandmother as an excuse to cheat. If he dosent want to be with you anymore, then he should just break up with you. Simple logic...

flashback.miss 28

@ 22. ....? Care to elaborate?

Be the asshole that always kicks someones seat

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Better yet, sit behind them and kick the back of their seats.

I've been cheated on , for some reason all the cheaters are dumb as ****. They think you'll never catch them. If you want more than one girl, then have 1 night stands with the girls that actually want to have one.

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Or OP could sit behind them and "accidently" spill her drink on them :)

Sit next to the guy. Then act all lovey-dovey and shit, and then watch the magic unfold.

Instead of throwing popcorn put gum in her hair, or do the mature thing and confront him.

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87- And of it doesn't go well, then can she dump the popcorn all over them? That's what I'd do >:D

Popcorn, large coke, nacho cheese it's fair game after that.

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That's an even better idea than 33's!!! -.-

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I didn't even see that someone said the thing I said before me my b :/ I accept the negatives

She should throw it at HIM ! The other girl may know nothing about OP. Hes likely playing both of them.

I would have made an enormous scene that would have embarrassed the hell out of him. "YOU CHEATING BASTARD HOW COULD YOU? YOU HAD A SMALL DICK ANYWAY YOU WORTHLESS PRICK!"

When someone cheats, there is nothing too harsh. I would get some payback.

But that would be rude! (said sarcastically)

130, Nobody else gives a shit about your relationships, don't go screaming shit in the middle of a crowded cinema and ruining everyone elses night.

If we were to consider this in a way that MAY make sense and not make the guy look like a total asshole, he could simply be going to the movies with a female friend that she has expressed a disliking for, or tends to cause awkward moments with based on jealousy. There may have been unjustified accusations that the guy just didn't want to have to bother dealing with in future so he no longer sees this friend in his girlfriends company. I was almost in a similar situation, in which I was being accused of things that weren't happening just because my girlfriend was extremely jealous by nature. Nothing ever happened with that friend since we only saw each other as friends, and the relationship *shockingly* ended. I realise the chances of this being what happened are somewhere around 0.0001% but I just thought I'd put it out there as a possibility.

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172/168... Yelling at him would probably make my night if I was there. Also, I have never heard of anyone telling their girlfriend that their mother's sick or whatever to go see the exact same movie with another friend (girl) who his girlfriends may or may not dislike. It's stupid.

sit down right next to him, oblivious to the other girl. see how he plays that one. ;)

If I saw my boyfriend at the movies with another girl by coincidence I would greet him and just ask him who she is (might be his sister or cousin after all, since I've never met both of them) but given this situation, that he blatantly lied to her about his grandma being in hospital (who lies about something like that really??) and then went to that exact same movie with another girl, this would make anyone quite suspicous. I guess you're better off without him, op. I hope you weren't with him for to long :/ My friend wasted almost a year on a cheating asshole.

175, Then you weren't that interested in the movie to begin with. If you pulled that shit in my cinema I'd be inclined to throw my drink at you. I also didn't say his actions weren't stupid. Clearly if you were doing what I suggested you'd want to go somewhere you knew your girlfriend wouldn't be. Forget it, you're focusing on entirely the wrong thing, and I can't be bothered explaining something so simple to you people.

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Stand up in the movie theater and yell this guys a douche, a cheater, and a ******* idiot! Humiliate the shit out of him!! :-D

Seriously, what is so hard about breaking up with your current boyfriend/girlfriend if you don't want to be with them or spend time with them anymore? The truth would be ten times better than lying most of the time.

RedPillSucks 31

He's not trying to break up with OP. He's trying to be a playya and juggle multiple women at once. Clearly he fails at juggling.

14- I would just say he has HORRIBLE luck.

#14 So you're justifying OPs hopefully ex boyfriend?

immaMonsta- It was a joke. Get the pole out of your ass, and hopefully your sense of humor will come out with it.

MizzErikaHart 8

Maybe, but he made a good point. Hopefully op isn't being juggled anymore

#50 Wow, no need to be rude. My sense of humor is fine, some things I just don't find funny is all.

It was no joke you get the pole out of your ass!

82-My apologies. The fact that the joke appeared to go completely over your head irritated me. I have my asshole moments. :)

91-You're still trolling me? Piss off, it's getting old.

Everything is always getting older my friend...:D

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What an idiot. You'll find someone better.

I swear, I thought she was my grandma. *Looks around* And that this was a hospital..

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Should've gone up to him, broken up with him, and just sat next to him for the rest of the movie. Make it as awkward as possible for him and his date.

I really hope she did confront him about it right in the theater. That's the sorry of public humiliation he deserves.

She should between them and share his popcorn

FlamingTacos 7

Or she could wear an Irish disguise and yell pip pip doodly doo

What a ******* idiot. He seriously took another girl to see the SAME movie at the SAME place that you two planned to go to together? I think you can do better than that imbecile.

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It wasn't planned, the OP said she went to see a movie after getting news from her boyfriend that he couldn't do anything.

17 - It did, in fact, say that he claimed he "couldn't go". This implies that it was actually planned.

Shadowvoid 33

What I think happened was she invited him to a movie in general, coincidentally she picked the same movie to see as her ex-boyfriend and his "date."

Or he did choose that one hoping to get caught so he didn't have to find his balls to break up with someone. Of course he was risking having to find them under a seat if op got a little violent.

Find another guy an make it a double date

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Should sit next to him! Edit: 5 beat me to it. That would be hilarious for the other girl too!

He'll probably say it was his sister, whom he was consoling after seeing the grandmother in such a sorry state. Scumbag. You'll find better, OP! Oh, and was the movie Prometheus?

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Prometheus, are you seeing this?

Trisha_aus 15

Prometheus was disappointing...rubbish..back to the topic, op's boyfriend is, as Red Forman would say, a DUMBASS!

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#73 your right prometheus sucked ass sorry OP lol

If it was, this story would be even worse.

That 70's Show... Just like Red she shud shove her foot up his ass!!!!!

And then you proceeded to kick his unfaithful, lying ass during the previews, while people inconspicuously ate popcorn in the background. Right?