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  Alymc13  |  0

59 is a fucking moron. Im sick of all these fucking ass holes who think a girl who fits onto a size 0 is a real woman. Being overweight isn't attractive, but how much u all wanna bet most of these girls criticizing have marlin Monroe on their wall. Guess what? She wore a size 14. Fucking retards.

  comedybreak  |  20

Guess what you dumbass. Marlin Monroe was born in the time where women stayed in the kitchen and were usually chubby. It's one thing to fit in a size 0 and be anorexic and another to be of normal/healthy weight. Since the medical field now knows the harm of being on the chubby side you should work on eating healthy. Not starve yourself but eat healthy. I dot care what you say but women shouldn't be 300 pounds and feel they are of perfect weight.

  Hansemans  |  17

#2, being fine with your own weight does not mean it's healthy. Please don't ignore the doctor who can save your life by helping you gain a normal weight. Seeing OP already figured out her ideal weight, and has been working towards it, I think OP will safely ignore the 'if you feel okay, you are okay' remarks.

  star111  |  6

Not a grammar nazi by far, but her name is Marilyn Monroe... And as long as someone isn't drastically overweight, if they're genuinely happy it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

  Jaxx66  |  21

God you guys are way to serious. Sometimes people are fat due to health issues, sometimes it's cause they grew up with no money- I don't care what anyone says, eating healthy is expensive as shit- and sometimes they are just to damn lazy to do something good for themselves. Don't look down on someone unless you are helping them up, you don't know their story.

  stacianichole  |  2

Marilyn Monroe (supposedly) wore a size 14 BUT sizes now are not the same as they were back then. For example, odd sizes are meant for juniors, even for women - even sizes are made for the CURVES of a female that has reached full maturity. It's doubtful that the 14 she wore then is anywhere near a modern 14.

  jessesgirl14  |  16

So, yes Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14 back in the day. But sizes today are not the same as back in the day... According to today's standards- she would have been in a size 6/8 being that she was 5'5" and 140lbs

  socalledbliss  |  0

#78 I get what you're saying, but you can not assume that she's that big. She may not be, and the guys standards of 'chubby' may be a size 7-8, since nowadays everyone compares themselves and others to those size 0 through size 3 models.
I'm not ignoring doctors by any means, I'm simply saying that she should not worry about what someone thinks of her weight. Yes, you should try to attain a healthy weight, but just because you're a little chubby or a little overweight doesn't mean a damn thing.

  hoSSome  |  5

I'm as poor as they come and I'm a guy who weighs 150 lbs. the only health issue is hand to mouth disease and McDonald's. Anyone can be a healthy weight. Its called exercise and everyone knows running is free. So stfu.

By  Angel_Tigeress  |  5

I am so sorry for you :( I mean, its great he's comfortable with you just the way you are, but as a man, he should understand that that is just not something you ever say to a woman. Congrats on reaching your ideal weight, I envy you! Keep up the awesome work!! :)

  shalia_fml  |  1

I don't see how he could've understood if she didn't mention her weight loss or seeing her before and now to make a comparison lol.

But be proud to have reached your goal! :D