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Today, I discovered why my boss kept on scheduling me to work doubles almost every day. It wasn't because she knew I needed the extra money; she was hoping that my boyfriend would break up with me because I'm never home, and date her instead. It worked. FML
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RedPillSucks 31

That's F'ed up on so many levels. Time for you to find a new job and, apparently, a new boy friend.

If your boyfriend still decides to leave you after this is explained, he didn't need to stay your boyfriend anyway.


cradle6 13

That's a good excuse to mask the affair.

RedPillSucks 31

That's F'ed up on so many levels. Time for you to find a new job and, apparently, a new boy friend.

You got it wrong. Time to find a new boyfriend and, apparently, a new job. Or wtf, time to find new job and new boyfriend!

^ What was the point of that exactly, it's what #2 said just switching the orders

And it's ideas like that is why she's the boss.

MermaidAnnariea 10

being a complete **** = boss. gotcha.

wtf is wrong with the people who liked this, society is dead, kill me now because no one has manners now.

96 - For starters, manners have absolutely nothing to do with this. Sure, the boss is a bitch, and that's certainly unethical use of authority, but the sad fact is that's life. Those who are willing to abuse power to get what they want, tend to get what they want. They also tend to end up with no true friends/loved ones, because most people eventually see them for what they are.

vencku 13

Abuse of power? OP said she needed the double shifts. She should have kept a balance between her relationship and work or spoken with her boyfriend beforehand. If she just kept taking overtime, no wonder he felt unwanted. Her boss gave her the means, but OP accepted the overtime willingly.

#104- Preach the truth Satan, I knew we should've all listened to you over that god guy.

If your boyfriend still decides to leave you after this is explained, he didn't need to stay your boyfriend anyway.

Random question, but are there pokemonchicks 1-13?

14 is just my favorite number. That would be awesome though!

4 - Maybe her boyfriend didn't believe her? I mean, if I didn't show up at home until very late for a while, I don't think "My boss is trying to break us up by making me work a lot" would be a believable excuse. It sounds like an excuse that's made up on the spot. But then again, if the OP's been trustworthy in the relationship, I don't see why her boyfriend wouldn't believe her.

kyu_Q 19

OPs boyfriend deserves a woman like her boss. If my woman was working doubles I would not be entertaining her boss. He is a douche and she (boss) is a ****. You will do better OP.

Sucks OP, but isn't there a law that protects you against working an extreme amount of hours?

You're thinking of the 8th commandment

That sucks if the workers are not protected by law aginst to much overtime.

Depends on where you live. If it's the US, different states have different restrictions. Only ones I know are for NY, where an employer has to give you 8 hours between shifts, and you can't work 6 hours without a half hour break. I doubt there are laws restricting total work week hours (other than mathematical/physics laws, of course).

I just assumed they were getting too many hours per day, which as you said is illegal in some places, due to them having too many shifts in a short time frame.

I can imagine the 2 of them coming up with this evil plot and going muhahahaha .....

There's always some dumb bitch trying to ruin other relationships. Hopefully in their case, that bitch is karma.

dr_snow_bear 29

If the boss is this much of a bitch, just imagine the shit she's going to put that guy through! Serves him right.

Wait, OP, the boss is a her and you had a boyfriend? Giggity giggity

#8: In your haste to be a smart ass, you just proved your ignorance. The boss is female. So is the OP. So, yes, OP had a boyfriend

#8 wasn't an idiot he was saying giggity giggity about the boss trying to get the OP to date her its seems as if he was turned on that the OP is a bi-sexual

38- Hold on, I think someone here is misreading the FML...

Where in the world did you get the idea OP is bi? Let's do this again, slowly: OP is female. OP has a boyfriend. OP's boss is female. OP's boss wants to date OP's boyfriend. Questions?

Yes, where does the Giggity Giggity come in? Oh and the boss is already dating the ex-boyfriend. Her plan worked.

SO the boss is a lesbian, and she was saying that she needed the boyfriend out of the picture to turn her into a lesbian?

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oh I read this wrong I thought OP said they broke up with their boyfriend to get w/ their boss. Hahaha pretend my last comment never happened ~~~

dr_snow_bear 29

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get house paint off a car? It's amazing! No particular reason I posted that here. Just an interesting observation.

I'd like to counter that interesting observation with an interesting fact. Do you know the human head actually weighs closer to ten pounds? That kid from Jerry Maguire apprently didn't know what he was talking about.

rg350dx 29

Same thing with getting blood stains out of this motel's bed sheets, comforter, carpet and oddly enough ceiling tiles... On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know of a good secluded and desolate area to you the stars?

dr_snow_bear 29

I live near a massive national park in a mountainous region. Tons of very difficult places to reach, but great for watching the stars.

rg350dx 29

Excellent. Sounds like the perfect place to get rid of the bo-usy city and watch some stars.

flockz 19

does anyone need any extra rope or chloroform? i bought more than i needed. willing to trade for a shovel and/or gallon of lotion.

jem970 19

This tread is disturbing on so many levels...

rg350dx 29

I have a few extra large extra thick black garbage bags and duct tape if that will help.

Dawnstempest 17

@34 I don't have an extra shovel, we can share and be shovel buddies though if you are willing. After all, you know what they say, extra hands make light work. And this hole isn't going to dig itself.

dr_snow_bear 29

I've got bleach and lime, so we can clean the camp site after. Also, I saw a movie once where they made people dig their own graves. Once again just putting stuff that pops in my head out there.

xAttackAttackx 25

Since you guys are going out on a nice starry night to plant flowers; the extra thick trash bags will cover them nicely but might suffocate them on the way, so use holes. The chloroform will do an amazing job if used on a soft cloth to gently but forcefully put that bitc- those flowers to sleep. You also have to use those knot tricks you learned during the time you took the Boy Scout up here. *sigh* It makes me happy to see people work together to save the world; one idi- flower at a time.

34- I do not have a gallon of lotion, but I can trade you about 50 boxes of tissues for it seems to be a very popular compliment good for some reason.

It seems like you all are talking about Science class. It was not my favorite class, that is why I am not a doctor, but a LAWYER. Hope you all get...good grades.

Rat poison actually has a good taste and doesn't make a mess... you know with those pesky rats in the garage

Pure brilliance! Thanks guys you made my day! So many helpful suggestions!! ;)

And remember to wear gloves so you don't leave finger- I mean, so you don't get any dirt on you from the flowers.

flockz 19

just wanted to let everyone know i am in no more need of lotion. however, i would like to ask if anyone has approximately 47, no 48, wet beach towels? nothing creepy going on here.

I happen to have a couple of containers of strong acids. is a great way to dispose of the evi- weeds around those flowers you are planting.

See if there are any pig farms in there area it's a great way to get rid of any compost waste you may have left over from planting the flowers they can even eat bones so if you've been hitting up KFC a lot it's a great Eco friendly way to dispose of your "remains"

If anyone still needs some rope, just take this thread, because that's how big it's grown, BAM!

So many helpful tips for a new gardener. I just can't wait to get started on my flower patch!

nitewlf12 10

Did you know that humans and bananas are 50% similar genetically? Just an interesting fact.