By TrophyGirlfriend - 17/08/2009 05:43 - United States

Today, my boyfriend was fired. After breaking the news, he also broke up with me. Apparently, his boss had a creepy crush on me and would give my boyfriend bonuses for bringing me to company events and, occasionally, out on the boss's personal boat. Looks like I am no longer useful. FML
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On the bright side, it means you're attractive enough for someone else at the very least.

At least you can go out with the boss now. He has a boat! BOATS AND HOES!


On the bright side, it means you're attractive enough for someone else at the very least.

Did you actualy go on these boat trips with this "creepy" boss?

DEFINITELY go after the boss. he sounds rich. better than your bf anyway since he dumped you

Don't do what #6 said for why she said it. That is a ****/***** move.

Sounds to me like the boss found a new crush and that's why he fired the boyfriend. are a jerk. i said better than your bf anyway at the end... because i was kidding about the first half. please go kill yourself.

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Heyy now..the please kill yourself wasn't necessary. There are people that actually would to.

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Well, it is just a really convoluted way of gold-digging

The boyfriend was the gold-digger, the OP was just the shovel! Her boyfriend was just a miserly pimp making extra cash enabling his boss' masturbatory fantasies. It's sad, really, that she was just an unpaid, unknowing ***** during at least part of their relationship.

Hey plexico. I hope this isn't weird but I just wanted to reply to your comment a few days ago about being married but not really happily. I just wanted to say that you sound ******* hilarious and I hope you have (or will eventually find) someone who appreciates your unique gifts. I think you deserve that. That's all I wanted to say. Please don't rip me a new asshole because I was being sincere.

Thank you, turnedoffTVgrey. I'm not angry with you. Quite to the contrary, I am very touched by your kind words. I wrote you a longer note earlier, but the comment system has apparently eaten it. If it doesn't show up in a few hours (which sometimes happens), I'll rewrite what I can remember.

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She wasn't invited on the boat. Her BOYFRIEND received the bonuses. OP: That really sucks. You should date the boss, if he's young and attractive! :)

Well, wrong. The way it's worded if he brought her to company events, and onto the boss's boat, he got bonuses. She could be referring to him getting the boat ride, but that's not the way it is written.

I think what was meant was that her ex boyfriend would get bonusses if he took the OP on the boat with him, not send her on the boat alone with the boss.