By Nik - 20/02/2010 15:05 - United States

Today, I found out that my mother was having an affair with my boss "to help me keep my job" because she thought I was useless. FML
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please slap your mom for me

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motherly love


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motherly love

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yes, such a good mommy... she loves you.

Hahaha nice one

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so did u get a raise?

No, but the boss got a raise. ;)

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haha ur moms a garden tool:P

Sexual innuendos were all well and good until comedians, like yourself, started shoving them down my throat...

deliciouscake 3

today, my husband's boss walked up to me and told me he would be fired unless I fucked him, my child found out and only knows the last part of the story. FML.

wait....there has to be a bright side to this.... uuuuuuuhhhhh..... you and your mom can take the carpool lane to work?

I think she is using u for an excuse to be a milf!!!

kitty_f 3

wow ur mom is nice

today, my son is useless. I'm am using this to have sex with his boss. SCORE!

I'm not sure that's the Stimulus package Obama had in mind to create jobs....

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# 79 lol

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hahaha ydi for being useless.

who cares in Michigan any job is good as long as you keep it who cares

lololol #38

please slap your mom for me


nice ^

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^^^^^ win

at least she wad trying to help. have her do something really kinky and you might get a raise

awesome mom tell her youve been paying tour dad to stay with her

i meant your

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that would be hilarious. :P

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how lovely

MadaZer0 8

Not as lovely as you  OP: At least you still got your job man. Plus you can become the bosses favorite ands move up in the ranks. Then you can tell you boss about the great sex he had with YOUR mother..... Errrr I mean daughter!

hahahaha 28.

MadaZer0 8

 Vlad why are you the only person who has to bring me down >.> Not only that... You kick me while I'm down... <.<

wow you must be pretty darn ugly if you have to diss people over fml for having courge to show thyre faces unlike yourself

Agree with 

MadaZer0 8

Thanks~ But I love hiding behind my anime characters~ I love anime as much as I love the opposite sex~ :P

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only problem is, people who love anime don't have sex

yes they do, I love anime,mangas, and playing my ds and I assure u that I have plenty of sex with my fiancée who is also a gamer and anime fiend ;)

MadaZer0 8

^This = Win~ 

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I kinda agree with @28 flirting with people on here is pointless

That's because nobody else would have sex with either of you Starfire22.

Starfire, the exception that proves the rule ;D

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MadaZer0 8

And i like your cat duck :D

sounds like her excuse.

That is just what she told you. She was really into it for a good hard, well you know.

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Sins of a mother