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Keep on laughing. They'll be begging you for money someday!

Good work on getting into Harvard!


Keep on laughing. They'll be begging you for money someday!

He could be studying arts...

Still. Those who can, will persevere.

Good for OP, but he might have to ask for money from them first. Unless he got a full scholarship, Harvard isn't cheap. 4 years will set you back 160 big ones.

Or if he's economically disadvantaged, less than 80k a year income, then he would get into Harvard without paying a dime for tuition.

What do you mean by they? Only his grandma laughed at him !

Harvard has a generous financial aid program. They make sure you can afford to go, and you have 0 debt at the end. Congrats for getting in. And for the idiot who said he might be doing art, it doesnt help your chances. At all.

Did i mention that no one gets merit-based aid? No one gets "full scholarship" but if their family earns less than 70k (80k?) a year it's a full ride. Same with princeton and yale. The last thing they want is someone to not enroll because they can't afford to.

Why is everybody thumbing down 11? It's a valid concern and a serious problem facing many newly graduated arts majors.

And what's so wrong with studying arts? When an artist is discovered they can make millions..

But the ones who are discovered are few and far between. I'm all for following your dreams, and I applaud those who do, but with art the chances of success are astronomically low.

#78- So is getting into Harvard.

Harvard is 1/20. Stardom is 1/10000000.

My point was: just because he's going to Harvard, doesn't mean he's gonna be loaded.

That was obviously a reply to the comment stating that they'd be coming to OP when he/she becomes rich. Clearly a joke, reflecting a much established stereotype of arts degrees leading nowhere (trying Googling "Eng Lit/Art History grads + McDonalds".

If someone's good enough at arts to get into harvard, i doubt they would go. There are far better arts schools than harvard. Not to say that there aren't art majors at harvard, but they're probably studying something else, too.

Good work on getting into Harvard!

Yes, congrats. Should be easy enough to prove.

Let them laugh now, just remember he who laughs last, laughs the loudest.

I've always thought the expression was: "He who laughs last, laughs best."(:

Didn't Albert Einstein say, "He who laughs last thinks slowest?"

He who laughs last didn't understand the joke.

Well you still got in so that's a feet in itself! Just ignore her :)

lol feet. "you'll be the toes of the town!"

4- I think you mean "feat" not "feet".

27- are you trolling? ?

#27, Guya? I believe the correct word is "guys".

Yeah guya, stop being dicks.

Youre all not funny for making fun of misspell!

Well maybe Miss Spell should learn how to-...oh never mind!

How supportive..

Show them your acceptance and have the last laugh, congratulations by the way (:

not to steryotype old people but they can be bitches sometimes

I'm pretty sure that "stereotype" works for the entire human population.

It's always grandma, huh.

You should tell them "Harvard" it was trying to get in. They just MIT believe you after you show them your letter. In which case, you cab say, "Yale should've believed me when I said it the first time." ... I tried ._.

Duke keep trying, you're having fun, whichita-ll that matters.

Dafuq did i just read?!?!? My head hurts, im going to bed....

Nice puns you got there. good luck keeping them safe from me, Yale need it. Erm...I didn't have many puns to put here... Yale = You'll

just ignore them op, they clearly dont have faith in you, go to collage and pass and show them wrong

#10, I don't think his family with be very impressed if he goes to a group of pictures pasted onto a backing. If he does go to college, let's hope he learns some spelling and grammar while he's there. ;)

45 I cant understand what ur saying, you wrote it funny

#60, "College" is where you go for education after you complete high school, and a "collage" is group of different art media, often photographs, pasted to a backing. By the way, "college" is used as a catch-all in everyday speech to include all post-secondary institutions like universities, schools, institutes, colleges, etc.