By suosi - 26/07/2015 17:55 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, the crush I've had for months finally came over to my place for the first time. It didn't last long however, as I suddenly had to go to the ER for severe testicular pain. FML
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She must've think you've gone nuts! In a serious note, hope she understands OP.


What could possibly have gone wrong in so little time? I hope all ends well!

She showed up at his door to kick him at the nuts for stalking her over the past few months.

That honestly makes a great deal of sense!

He made a move and she kicked him in the balls so hard he had to go to the ER? That's about all I see happening unless he was already ignoring the pain of something else going wrong with his testicles and it suddenly got too bad to ignore.

She gave him a ******* and squeezed his balls until one ruptured.

#74 I see what you did there!

Sounds like he had it so bad his balls literally turned blue.

Sounds like those blue balls officially reached critical condition to me

I feel like a follow up is needed from OP

Worst case of blue balls ever. He should have remembered the movie There's something about Mary and taken matters in his own hands first.

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What the hell happened..? Considering I've had the ovary version of that, I feel your pain! Hope you feel better OP!

Pretty sure he got kicked in the nuts

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amen, he's fine on a serous note though.

Hope the nads are alright!

Follow up on why you had testicular pains.

I should go ask my ex for that answer

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hospital didn't tell him anything...I have an aunt named sue!

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Aw. that's got to be pretty embarrassing. hopefully you feel better and you two can laugh it off.

what did she kick u? I hope you're okay.

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I'm guessing when they said love hurts, they meant it very literally.

Yikes! Not the best first (romantic) impression. Hope you're okay, though!

She must've think you've gone nuts! In a serious note, hope she understands OP.