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  whitley1031  |  0

Maybe the mouse was sneaky and got into a warm house during its final hours, but couldn't go any further, and died.

But srsly, I agree w u #1

Sanitation Fail!!

  amerrah  |  4

there was a dead mouse in our couvh and we didnt notice. it chewed a hole in the back of the couch and went in through the vents. mice arent something that are noisy and stuff. they hide in small places.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

She's got legs, she knows how to use them...

Psst, #87, how did a dead mouse chew through the couch? ;)

I don't even know how that could happen. I suspect YDI but FYL anyway.

  AnonymousGalifrey  |  1

you mean detroit? hahaha

  Tenebrae  |  0

#78, you know "jouer" means "to play", right?

And to everyone, just because there is a rat doesn't mean it's a poor area - rats are everywhere.

  amiotica  |  2

does no one on this site own a cat....

a cats sole purpose in life is to bring almost dead mice to your doorstep as a thank-you gift for feeding them and giving them a place to sleep... and then you step on it when you leave the house because they always to manage to gift you at the worst possible day

im assuming this is what happened to the op

By  blankettt  |  0

Unless you have a cat, or maybe even a dog, there's no excuse for a dead mouse to be lying amongst the floor. Maybe FYL because it's gross, but YDI for not noticing (or smelling) a dead mouse in front of you.