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(First of all, I wonder how my number of submitted FMLs keeps rising. I've posted only one since I signed up for this website. Odd.) My name is Blanca. Yes, like "white" in Spanish. Or, like the Street Fighter character, if you will. Don't give a shit what you say (type?) or think. I'm nineteen. Student at East Central University. Psychology major. English minor. I am a photographer - (For those thinking I am trying to get money out of you, the website is posted solely for you to see the pictures. I don't want anyone's money, nor do I charge for the pictures I take. It is for viewing purposes. Someone ran that by me, and I thought I would clear that up.) I work for T-Mobile. I am not a redneck because I am from Oklahoma. I am not a job-thieving cholo because I am part Mexican. Leave deciding what I am up to me. CODMW2 anyone? :)

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