By Anonymous - 05/04/2014 04:04 - United States - Albuquerque

Today, while in line at my local bakery, an old man passed wind in front of me. The smell was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I managed to withstand it, but the child behind me could not, and spewed orange vomit all over my back. FML
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What is with all the foul smelling senior citizens?

CynePhoba 23

Makes you wonder if he passed more than wind if it smelt that bad.


What is with all the foul smelling senior citizens?

It wasn't gramps, it was definitely the brimstone.

They aren't spry enough to use deodorant anymore?

lexiieeex3 32

39- You're not supposed to put deodorant on your ass hole.

^ agreed. If you want to spray some cinnamon rolls Febreeze, or a can of old spice in your asshole, go right ahead! Let me know how that turns out!

And the stain.

Some people nowadays need to know manners

Yeah shame on an aging man for not being in total control of his bodily functions and shame on a mere child for not being able enough to control a reflex.

That's totally not a problem of manner. These things are uncontrollable.

agreed with 11 and 23! the OP was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all. it was no one's fault really. just sandwiched between two awful smells... FYL

CynePhoba 23

Makes you wonder if he passed more than wind if it smelt that bad.

Grandpa must be on potent medications!!

That really stinks

As does your comment.

..must...resist...urge to backhand you.....

YellowKettleBell 31


#15 Your profile picture really seems to fit your comment...

With a smell like that you could say it might have been.... A shitty situation.

#53 Your kind is not welcome here...

What a sticky situation......?

You know you've got a bad pun on your hands when you have to put a question mark on the end of it.

exactly what about this fml was "sticky" ?

The bit could have been sticky.... or chunky I suppose.

21, the pants of the senior citizen who just sharted.

Least its more creative then... Well, you know...

91hayek 31

At some point old people just stop giving a shit about everyone. Sometimes its awesome, other times its just gross.

Your profile picture embodies how I felt when I learned this fact, in a gym changing room right after an elderly water aerobics class.

The old man might have given a shit in this scenario.

koza 8

I would burn the shirt. It's been through enough

ThomasBombadil 31

My brother in law once did this on purpose to clear an area around the beer keg. Two girls threw up. The rest of us stood in awe.

Pumbaa must be his spirit animal.

YellowKettleBell 31

He can clear the restaurant after every meal...