By Lockout - 31/08/2015 20:01 - Germany - Kiel

Today, I thought I'd locked my house keys in my locker at work. Not having any replacement nearby, I decided to cut the padlock with the saw of my pocket-knife. It took 20 minutes and four cuts into my hand to destroy the padlock. It took another five seconds to find the missing key in my jacket. FML
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Why would your pockets not be the first place you check?

Sorry to hear that! But YDI for not being observent!! :(


At least you found the key to your situation

Dear OP, Red Foreman's voice: Dumb ass!!!

If only he could've searched his jacket with the same determination with which he destroyed the padlock.

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Always keep a spare key with a neighbour for when you do forget your key.(Depending on your relationship with your neighbours) My nan used to hide one in a flower pot.Risky now that I think about it.

a new padlock: $50 a new pocket knife: $10 cream to heal the cuts: $5 the moment when u find the keys in your pocket: priceless

Where does one find a 50$ padlock? We got an amazing one for our shed and it only cost 15$.

Well I figured since it was for the house, it would be more expensive.

he definitely wouldn't be able to just cut through a 50$ padlock. And I am wondering, what kind of padlock did op have on his locker, since he could just cut through it with a pocket knife..

The padlock was on his locker not the house, your reading comprehension is just awful

im curious to what kind of pocket knife he had

wow I just read through that again and saw what it actually said... yeah i ****** up

Don't worry. You're not alone. I read it the same way. "Who puts a padlock on their house?"

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#18 He's not locked out of the locker, he's locked out of his house. He said he doesn't have a spare key for such situations and probably thought cutting the lock would be easier than driving back to work, especially if they closed already. I'm assuming the padlock is on the gate so he can go around back.

How do you not find it in your pocket in the first place?

Why would your pockets not be the first place you check?

I've done similar things before (with keys, cellphone, wallet)-- I'll be in a hurry, check my pockets, check my purse, check where it should be. Double check the usual places. Start to panic when I can't find it. Decide I must have left said item in my car, at work, bar, coffee shop, wherever. Frantically search for it. Eventually find it had been in my pocket, purse, or where ever it should be. Could be senility. Could be invisible gremlins ******* with me.

So... Why exactly didn't you thoroughly check your jacket before you decided to saw the lock? It would've saved you a world of pain.

What makes you think the OP didn't and just missed it on his first check? It happens all the time, and I'm sure you've made similar mistakes in your life.

Key word: thoroughly. I'm not saying op couldn't have missed it on the first try, but personally I would look in my jacket a lot more thoroughly before I decided to use something that would cut me.

Ugh. You're more passive-aggressive than a prepubescent teenage girl in her first relationship.

It seems like you thought of the worst situation before you actually decided to actually check for you keys... Sucks OP, but YDI

Check more thoroughly next time It also doesn't seem like a very good lock if you can saw through it with a pocket knife

Sorry to hear that! But YDI for not being observent!! :(

Observant*. Looks like OP isn't the only one who isn't.