By Anonymous - 17/02/2010 16:32 - Canada

Today, while serving a rather large party at the restaurant where I work, I mentioned that the soup of the day was "to die for". After the hosts gave me weird looks, it dawned on me that the reason they were wearing all black is because they've just come back from a funeral. FML
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#71: Reminded them? Yeah, I'm sure they had forgotten all about their loved one at that point. I know right after a funeral, I'm always all, "Grandma who? Fuckit, let's go eat."

you should have said you had killer steaks and a deadly ice cream sundae!


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ouch, you should have seen that coming though, I mean comon... they all were wearing black...

Naw if it's a big party people generally dress fancy, like suits, tuxes, nice dresses, etc. All of those tend to be black. It's easy to not realize right away.

i call shinanagens! first off, they couldn't blame you for not knowing they had just come from a funeral. second, it's just a figure of speech. and lastly, your life isn't ******. so they gave ypu wierd looks, who cares? you might not get a good tip, but that's not your fault at all

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was the restaurant the last place dead person ate at? lol

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it's not nessecarily fake, but it is a horrible fml. embarrassing, sure, but accidental.

wow u dumb bitch u just reminded them of a loved one that has passed on yea that's real nice

Don't be too hard on yourself OP it was an honest mistake anyone could've made.

#71: Reminded them? Yeah, I'm sure they had forgotten all about their loved one at that point. I know right after a funeral, I'm always all, "Grandma who? Fuckit, let's go eat."

that's stupid on their part. who goes to celebrate after a funeral. oh shiz grandma just died. let's go eat!!

HAHAHAHA their friend that died is a little late

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i know they just came from a funeral but its not like you knew. they shouldnt take it so personally geeze.

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first..... hahaha talk about akward!!

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be a little observant next time, yeah?

could've been a business meeting, honest mistake

That really blows. I hope they still tipped you. Besides, f*ck them if they can't take a joke.

Your "nailing the coffin" pun is to die from.

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There's a term for not leaving a tip that is particularly fitting in this context. Please see below.

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they shouldve elbowed you the the ground

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hahaha woww....that is soo funny.... somme good shit rote herre loll woww hahaha i almmost pissed my ******* pants holy shit

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Its just an expression, not like she would have known that it was a funeral

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i agree, i mean, who goes out to eat after a loved one passes away anyway??? thats retarded. if someone i knew passed away i would just wanna go home.

Especially if the soup had gone cold, or the broccoli was laying limp.

omg you are stupid... after funerals people, everyone goes out to eat together. ur ******* dumb.

No, it was the after party (not much of a party tbh). I went to one when one of my relatives died. I understand what you mean though. Being at one is pretty intense and horrible. This comment has went on way too long.

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yeah, but it's supposed to be at the family's home.