By chairlee - 07/11/2009 08:12 - United States

Today, I stepped on a piece of glass and sliced my right foot open. Hobbling to get my first aid kit, I tripped and stepped on a pair of heels, and sliced my left foot open. FML
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Wow now THAT is a real FML, bad times


pancakes_n_syrup 0

I think the question is why is the OP living in such filth? Who leaves glass and high heeled shoes just lying around? YDI

Maybe she went to the bitch? YDT (You deserve this), Ms. Pancakes.

@31, OP couldn't have dropped a glass after she took her heels off? And then in the process of cleaning it up, stumbled and stepped on the glass? And then, she couldn't have turned around, tripped on the heel she just took off and cut her other foot? Have some imagination before you make stupid comments. @OP, Was the broken glass possibly a mirror? 7 years of bad luck!! :]

pancakes_n_syrup 0

First off, "maybe she went to the bitch" doesn't make any sense. Second, it wasn't a dumb comment..she has broken glass and pointy shoes laying on the ground..they do make trashcans and closets/shoe racks

GreenBud_fml 0

foot fetish much?

ydi for leaving broken glass and razor sharp heels lying around

crawl on your knees... wouldnt have been the first time :p

somehow I dont believe this.

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Wow now THAT is a real FML, bad times

especially if she can't do handstands

what i dont underSTAND your refrence

Rigmaster 0

LOL thats real bad luck!

he forgot to mention, while crawling on his knees to get to his first aid kit he stepped on a thumbtac and cut his right knee open.

jchansfan 0

Its a she for starters. Also, you can't step on something with your knee.

Yes, it's called kneeling. Also, kneeling on a thumbtack would puncture your knee, not cut it. lol

kravitzz1990 0

WOW!!!!! OUCH!!!! argh!!!! EW!

SHIT,! hope it feels better :/

AHHHHHHH :D hahahahaha that sucks

haha I couldn't help but laugh sorry man fyl